Monday, September 14, 2020

Pictoplasma 2020 - Free Broadcast

For obvious reasons, Pictoplasma had to cancel their 16th Pictoplasma Conference scheduled for May 2020 and are now streaming a free 2-day livestream conference on September 18+19.

The event features more than 40 artist talks by and conversations with illustrators, animation filmmakers, visual artists, and designers, as well as performance artists, activists and academics. Speakers include internationally renowned illustrators such as Cristina Daura, Dan Woodger, Jing Wei, and Miranda Tacchia.

This year's symposium The Mask in Visual Culture expands on Pictoplasma’s ongoing research into how characters relate to, invade, take over and warp the human body, reexamining one of our most ancient cultural artifacts in a new light. Speakers include Ines Alpha from Paris, known for her 3D make up; and Damselfrau, one of the most prolific artists currently working with masks.

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18+19 September 2020