Friday, February 12, 2016

Meet Our Judges

We are pleased that our show chair James Yang has put together a very impressive jury for our three shows. More art directors than any show to date, and more than most other shows. And we’ve searched new parts of the globe for art directors with perhaps a different viewpoint—art directors from Colombia and Brazil and illustrators from Hong Kong, Austria and Spain.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing each judge along with their bio and what they’re looking for in a winning entry. Rest assured the judging will be tough as always and since there are no quotas only the best will get in.

Judges for the 3x3 Professional Show are Ken DeLagoArt Director Golf Digest; Grace LeeArt Director Priest+Grace; Irene GalloArt Director Tor Books; Lucho Correa, Art Director/Graphic Designer (Colombia); Kiko FarkasArt Director (Brazil). And illustrators Jing Wei, Brian Rea and Veronica Grech (Spain).

Our 3x3 Picture Show judges are Paul BuckleyArt Director Penguin; Hendrik HelligelEditor Gestalten Verlag (Germany); Isabelle De CatArt Director Penguin (United Kingdom); Ben Newman, illustrator (United Kingdom) and Maria Carluccio.

3x3 Student Show judges include Catherine Gilmore-BarnesArt Director New York Times Book Review and illustrator/educators Aya KakedaIan Whadcock (United Kingdom), Jonathan Jay Lee (Hong Kong) and Peter Diamond (Austria).

Entry deadline is March 25, late deadline is April 1, 2016.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Go for the Gold

It’s that time of year again. Time to enter the one true international illustration awards show. Open to all illustrators in all countries. What makes our show special?
§ Judged by leading design directors, art 
directors, designers, editors and publishers from across the globe. With more art directors than most shows. Alongside equally distinguished illustrators.
§ Work is judged independently over a two-week period so there’s no chance for undue influence over who gets in, and who doesn’t.
§ Winners promoted directly to art directors who receive a free eBook edition, a link to our online gallery and a discount on our print edition.
§ Distributed to leading bookstores and newsstands worldwide so even more eyes see our winners. Not every show can say that.
§ More categories than any other show so your work is judged with related subject matter. Instead of just editorial, we break it down to specific types of editorial. So portraits are judged with other portraits. Lifestyle with lifestyle.
§ Three different shows, professional, picture book and student work are judged separately by our jury panel selected by this year’s Show Chair, James Yang.
No other show has the breadth of entrants or winners. Last year our winners represented forty-five countries, including our first from China. Since 2003 we’ve produced award-winning annuals that art directors like to see. And use.
What more can we say. Enter today, deadline is March 25th.