Thursday, January 22, 2015

It’s in the Mail

Just received our samples for the 3x3 International Annual No. 11 which means the Annual is on its way to our subscribers and those that ordered the Annual as well as heading to selected newsstands worldwide.

Thank you to Chris Young, The Prolific Group in Winnipeg, for his expert handling of our project. Chris is our go-to guy for the Annual and again he didn't disappoint.

And thank you to all who support our efforts either by entering our shows, subscribing or buying our books and magazines.

The Annual was delayed by the holidays but we are making every effort to speed up the production process so the 2015 Annual arrives earlier.

And start gathering your entries, the 2015 Annual No. 12 deadline is March 30. Our Call for Entries goes out this week, to add your name to our mailing list go here.

Cover illustration by Mark Smith


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