Friday, March 28, 2014

Ten Years in the Making:
Introducing the 3x3 Medal

Ta-da! We are introducing our medal design, a first for 3x3. The 3×3×3-inch cube is designed using five faces of the cube each with a single symbol.

The first side has our logo

The second side has a leaf, symbolizing the continuing growth of illustration

The third side has a palette, representing the blurring of lines between fine art and illustration

The fourth side has the infinity sign demonstrating the long-lasting impact of illustration

The fifth side has the globe indicating the global influences on today’s illustration

We have yet to decide on the color or colors, that’s the next step. But we did want to share this final design with you. Ready for 2014 winners.

Check out our website for an animated look at our new medal. Once it loads you can slow down the animation using your cursor to see each individual side.

Design by Charles Hively + Sarah Munt, HivelyDesigns
3-D Model development: Dot San, UK


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