Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3x3 Picture Book Show Winners Announced

We’re pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Picture Book Show. Once again we had entries from all over the globe with four out of seven medalists from outside the United States.
¶ Just to get in the show entrants must receive a majority of votes from our five judges, we originally had six judges but out Australian judge was on a sabbatical and couldn't be reached by email for our judging. 
¶ To receive a medal an entry must receive at five judge’s votes. Medals are determined by the number of judges who select a particular piece as their favorite, the more judges who select a particular piece the higher the medal i.e. Best of Show, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Judges were not permitted to vote for their own work. 
¶ Winners will appear in our first 3x3 hardcover annual coming out later this year. A softcover version of the annual will appear on newsstands worldwide, another example on how 3x3 continues to promote the art of illustration.

Best of Show -  Doron Sohari, Israel
Gold - Marion Arbona, Canada
Silver -  Doug Salati 
Bronze - 
Maria Carluccio
Nina Cuneo, Italy
T. Lively Fluharty 
Klaas Verplancke, Belgium

Ann Bobco, Executive Art Director, Atheneum Books for Young Readers a part of Simon & Schuster
Rachael Cole, Art Director, Schwartz &Wade
Belén Freijeiro, Publisher, OQO Books, Spain
Judith Drews, Illustrator, Germany
Julien Chung, Illustrator, Canada

Thank you to our judges. Congratulations to all our winners:

Best of Show 
Doron Sohari, Childrens Book Unpublished

Marion Arbona, Children’s Illustration Unpublished

Doug Salati, Childrens Book Unpublished

Maria Carluccio, Childrens Book Unpublished
Nina Cuneo, Childrens Illustration Unpublished
T. Lively Fluharty, Childrens Book Published
Klaas Verplancke, Childrens Book Published

Distinguished Merit 
Marion Arbona, Childrens Illustration Published
Aljoscha Blau, Childrens Book Published
Valeria Petrone, Editorial
Jack Wang and Holman Wang, Childrens Book Published

Rafael Alvarez, Childrens Illustration Published
Marion Arbona, Childrens Illustration Unpublished
Valeria Docampo, Childrens Book Published
Audrey Niffenegger, Young Adult
Kristina Brasseler, Childrens Book Published
Julien Castanié, Childrens Book Unpublished
Hudson Christie, Childrens Book Unpublished
Jamey Christoph, Childrens Book Published
Christopher Corr, Childrens Book Published
Teresa Cortez, Childrens Book Published
Owen Davey, Childrens Book Published
Byron Eggenschwiler, Educational
Louise French, Childrens Book Unpublished
Susan Gal, Childrens Illustration Unpublished*
Sara Ogilvie, Childrens Illustration Published
Aya Gordon-Noy, Childrens Book Published
Aad Goudappel, Childrens Book Unpublished
Stephanie Graegin, Childrens Book Published
Lianne Harrison, Book Covers 
Tom Jellett, Book Covers 
Tom Jellett, Childrens Book Published
Angela Keoghan, Editorial
Alistar Khabuliani, Young Adult
Vitali Konstantinov, Childrens Book Published
Dahye Lee, Childrens Book Unpublished
Steven Lenton, Childrens Book Published
So Yeon Lim, Editorial
Simone Massoni, Childrens Book Published
Scott Nash, Young Adult
Robert Neubecker, Childrens Book Published
Robert Neubecker, Book Covers 
Andrea Offermann, Book Covers 
Hsinping Pan, Book Covers 
Valeria Petrone, Childrens Illustration Published
Valeria Petrone, Miscellaneous
Valeria Petrone, Childrens Book Published
Valeria Petrone, Editorial
David Pintor, Miscellaneous
Marco Piunti, Childrens Illustration Unpublished
Natalie Pudalov, Childrens Book Published
Anna Raff, Childrens Book Published
Kelly Murphy, Childrens Book Published
Zack Rock, Childrens Book Unpublished
Maria Isabel Roxas, Miscellaneous
Doug Salati, Childrens Illustration Unpublished
Maral Sassouni, Childrens Book Unpublished
Eunhye Seo, Childrens Illustration Unpublished
Natalie Waksman Shenker, Childrens Book Published
Studio Tipi, Editorial
Yoko Tanaka, Childrens Illustration Published
Francois Thisdale, Childrens Book Unpublished
Niv Tishbi, Childrens Book Unpublished
Emma Vakarélova, Book Covers 
Alicia Varela, Childrens Book Published
João Vaz de Carvalho, Children's Book Published*
Estrella Vega, Educational
Constanze Von Kitzing, Childrens Illustration Published
Katrin Wiehle, Childrens Book Published
Mike Wimmer, Childrens Book Published
Stephanie Wunderlich, Childrens Illustration Published
Chia-Chi Yu, Young Adult
Pamela Zagarenski, Childrens Book Published
Debra Ziss, Childrens Book Unpublished

* denotes multiple pieces in category

Cover Illustration for digital 3x3 Picture Book Annual, Simone Massoni

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chris Van Allsburg to be Honored
by the 2013 Carle Honors

In the Artist category, The Carle will recognize Chris Van Allsburg, the groundbreaking artist and author and winner of two Caldecott Medals for Jumanji and The Polar Express.

Other honorees include Phyllis Fogelman Baker, influential editor and publisher; Lynda Johnson Robb and Carol Rasco, Reading is Fundamental and Barbara Bader, author of American Picturebooks from Noah’s Ark to The Beast Within.

The Carle Honors is a critical fundraiser for the The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, helping to support the Museum’s mission of inspiring of love of art and reading through picture books.

For ticket and sponsorship information, including the ability to sponsor an educator to attend the gala, please contact Rebecca Miller Goggins, Director of Development at or 413-658-1118.

The 2013 Carle Honors
Thursday, September 26, 2013
Guastavino’s,  New York City

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Laura Tolar Joins Us

We’re pleased to announce a new addition to our virtual studio, Laura Tolar. Laura heads up her own design firm and will be helping us out with future publications of 3x3. In fact she completed the pre-press work on Issue 22 which went to press last week.

“Laura and I go back a long way, she was my right-hand person at my agency down in Houston for a number of years and we’ve kept in contact since my move to New York. She is a super-detailed individual with a great deal of experience and we’re happy she can help us out as we move forward.”

Thanks to today’s technology we’re able to work in two different cities on the same project.

Welcome aboard Laura!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Final Issue

As we start our eleventh year we are sending the final issue of 3x3 Magazine to press. Eleven years ago today the idea of 3x3 was born in a bedroom in Queens. In the past ten years we’ve produced twenty-two issues featuring sixty-six illustrators as well as 356 illustrators from around the globe in our gallery, showcase and spotlight sections. We’ve profiled leading art directors who favor illustration. We’ve hearlded many of the icons of illustration. We’ve tried to feature only the best of the best. But after ten years, we must pause and ask one question. Are there better ways to fulfill our mission? I feel the time has come to step back, suspend publication of our magazine and explore new directions.

Perhaps too at this stage in my life I hear the ticking clock grow louder There are projects lying dormant on my desk. Books I want to write, monographs to edit and design, podcasts to produce, apps to develop and design projects in the idea-stage that deserve to see fruition.

Without a doubt we will continue to be an active voice in promoting the very best of illustration. Our juried Annual will remain visible on newsstands across the globe. Our site will continue to offer both back issues, blogs, books and annuals and soon new offerings.

We invite you to continue the journey with us. And see where the next ten years takes us. Change is good.

In this final issue we will be featuring Aad Goudappel, Harry Campbell and Beppe Giacobbe as our main featured artists and our Spotlight section will be featuring the conceptual artists Paul Garland, Jon Krause, Jon Reinfurt, Anthony Tremmaglia, Jim Tsinganos and James Yang. Our profile is illustrator, designer and art director Matt Dorfman from The New York Times Op-Ed and our Icon is David Suter who was a frequent contributor to the Op-Ed pages. And our final CareerTalk speaks to the issue of artist's rights. And as a special feature we’ll reproduce the gold medal winners of the 2013 ProShow.

In closing, I’d like to thank all of you who have supported 3x3 Magazine throughout the years and I hope you will continue to support our efforts going forward.

To make sure you get a copy of our final print issue, order today. To order go here. Some back issues are still available as print editions, all issues are available as pdfs and soon apps.

Cover illustration by Aad Goudappel