Friday, November 2, 2012

New Website Launches

Despite Sandy all the efforts of my partner Sarah Munt have paid off. Just click this link to take a look at our brand new website.

You’ve probably seen our redesigned magazine, now it’s time for our web site to compliment our new look. This isn’t our first website redesign, but it’s the only one to see the light of day. Ten years ago one of my graphic design students at Parsons designed the website that we’ve been using up until this moment. Throughout the years there have many rough sketches done for a new website and discarded and one full-blown redesign that sat awhile and was trashed—I find it’s very hard to do something for yourself. But with the magazine redesign everything started to fall into place and I think you’ll see how the site ties into the magazine.

The new site allows us to show more art on every page with a banner that showcases features in our current issues along with offerings of our books and annuals. Our splash page will change with each issue, this one features Aaron Meshon’s Williamsburg map from Issue 19. The page quickly dissolves to our welcome page with links to our complete site.

And it is now easier to order from us. We’ve adapted an outside source for our shopping cart where you can now log-in and create an account if you wish. And when you order a digital copy of one of our magazines, books or annuals it will be an automatic download—up until now we did each order manually. We’ve run a beta test and everything looks to be working fine, if you encounter any problems please let us know.

And our new site will read better on any mobile device, something our old site didn’t do.

I can’t thank Sarah enough, there’s nothing I can’t ask her to do that she doesn’t dig in, learn what needs to be learned and take a direction and run with it making it better all the while. Thank you Sarah.

Now take it for a spin and let us know what you think. Oh, you might have to refresh your browser if you’ve been on our site recently.


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