Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Falmouth Students Visit 3x3

We had the pleasure of doing a portfolio review for students from University College Falmouth today in our Brooklyn studio. The group included two professors, Sue Clarke and Mark Foreman along with ten students. For those who might not know Falmouth is located on the far western coast of the United Kingdom, and as I hear they have palm trees growing there!

It’s always interesting to see the work from abroad, especially from the next generation of illustrators. One of the highlights was a student, Jo Chappell, who presented her work not only in a portfolio but also on the iPad. What I’ve always appreciated in portfolios from the UK is that most if not all work are examples of problem-solving.

After a pizza lunch and a brief overview about 3x3 and Creative Quarterly and a discussion about my view of the future of illustration we proceeded to review individual portfolios and then sent them on their merry way.


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