Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3x3 Nuts & Bolts Conference - Early Registration

Our new site is up and running, our first email blasts have been sent out, our speakers have been lined up and our workshops scheduled so if you’re a recent graduate—up to three years out of school still qualifies—or you’ll be going into your senior year in the Fall this conference is for you. More information online.

This is our second conference, the response from our survey at the end of last year’s prompted us to do it again. One-hundred percent of the attendees said they’d recommend the conference—a totally unheard of response from something brand-new. Yes there were some suggestions on improvements and we certainly took those to heart. Our speakers will be more direct about their subject matter, we’ve added both an artist representative and a lawyer to speak specifically about those areas and we’ll speed up the studio tours process with an air-conditioned bus—last year we went by subway! And we’ve added one more social event on the first day.

We’re bringing back a few of last year’s speakers and adding others. This year’s group includes Marcos Chin, Aaron Meshon and Paul Hoppe from last year and we’re adding Yuko Shimizu, Martin Wittfooth and Matt Rota as well as Kate Kelly from Morgan-Gaynin and Sheheryar Sardar, attorney at law. Plus we’ve added morning workshops with Katherine Streeter, Melanie Reim and Justin Gabbard for those interested in creative activities plus museum tours.

Early registration is open through June 9th, register by then and the cost is $250, after that it is $325 plus you can select from our workshops and museum tours to round out the two days. Payment plans are available and we can offer options for hotels and restaurants for your trip. Last year we had graduates from Utah, Florida, Nebraska, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maine, Maryland,Virginia, Georgia, the New York tri-state area and Canada.

The conference is July 8-9th at the Society of Illustrators New York, for more details check out our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Register early, seating is limited.


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