Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will print survive?

There are many questions about the value of printed matter, especially magazines. It was heartening to find out that while Wired topped the charts with it's digital version, it dropped off dramatically in subsequent months, other publications didn't even reach the highs of Wired and they too have dropped off significantly or remained at a very low level. The iPad was billed as the savior for the print media, I wonder what happened.

I bumped into an interesting article on T Magazine's blog from Alexander Olch, the tie designer and film director. He is fanatical about receiving catalogs, any kind of catalog be it office supply, hardware...pretty much any kind of catalog. In comparing getting the printed material to logging in and just buying what you're actually looking for—which is quite easy on the web—he says: "The point is to peruse, meander, glance over until every now and then something catches your eye. For, as a great professor, John R. Stilgoe, once told me, one of the most interesting things in life is to find what you weren't looking for." Perhaps print lives. To read more go here.


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