Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lunch with Adam Graff

Illustrator and educator Adam Graff was in town last week for a bit of pleasure and business. Leaving his young daughter with her grandparents Adam and his wife took a holiday to New York City. Adam is a practicing illustrator as well as being Level 2 instructor of the illustration program at the University of Hertfordshire—check out our previous blog spot on our UK trip—which is where we first met Adam.
Adam recently completed his MA at Central St Martin's and is pursuing a new direction with his work. Having amicably parted ways with his London rep Adam is exploring a lot of new areas. During our lunch he shared a comp of a children's book he's been working on as well as his portfolio. He has been showing his new pieces and getting a very good response from those art directors he's shared his book with here in New York.
There was also an interesting project where a single sketchbook is passed around a group of illustrators and on the day they receive the book they must do something about the weather that day. Then they mail the sketchbook on to the next artist. This is a year-long project that Adam hopes will be reprinted as a book.
Sarah wasn't feeling well so Jessica took over as hostess—we must do a video of her carving prowess as she carves a bird like no one we've ever seen. Lunch was our salad, roast chicken, parsnip puree followed by homemade chocolate sorbet and of course plenty of wine and enough espresso to get us back to work. And of course Adam was off to drink in the sites and sounds of the city before heading back across the pond.


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