Monday, June 28, 2010

3x3 Annual Undergoes A Re-Design

We're in the process of redesigning the 3x3 Illustration Annual. Same great size, just larger images for all categories—both professional and student.

We've always wanted to reproduce the winning images larger it has just been a budget constraint up until now. But even with this year's  increased number of winning entries we are moving forward on the re-design. Certainly the increased publication fees help us look at making the change plus we've added several new resources on the printing end, the only cost factor we cannot control is postage and shipping.

We expect this year's annual to be about double the number of pages over last year's and comparable to our 3x3 Directory. We will reduce the weight of the inside paper stock slightly to compensate for the additional pages so you may notice a bit of a difference—but the quality won't change. And there will be fewer images per page, moving towards a single image on each page in most cases.

Our on-the-shelf price at the bookstores will go up slightly but not enough to discourage the very people we want to attract. Online sales will see a more dramatic increase, we're estimating a $35 retail price over the $25 price last year. We'll be offering all show entrants a discount—check your email inbox over the next several weeks for that announcement.

We're excited about the re-design and look forward to sharing it with you later this year. Once we have the materials back from the Children's Show we can begin the layout process and our plan is to have the annual out in December.


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