Thursday, March 18, 2010

Student Week

Last week was student week, we had three groups of students visit us here at the studio. The first group was from Missouri State University, Sara Gorski brought her fellow students for a roundtable discussion about the present state of illustration and I shared what I've found to be three secrets for success based on my observations of successful illustrators. Pretty much the same three-hour talk was given to two groups from the University of Brighton, located south of London, Brighton is a real hotbed of illustration in the UK unfortunately we didn't get to visit there on last year's trip. Phil Taylor rounded up the students for their trip to New York.

I was impressed by the genuine interest and intelligent questions from all the groups and received a lovely note from Ms. Gorski that read in part, "Everyone agreed that you gave some of the most helpful, straightforward advice and criticism of any one person we visited. We really appreciate the time you took to meet with us, and hope to keep in touch." Missouri State has been a huge supporter of 3x3, one of their professors has 3x3 as required reading, so we log in quite a few subscriptions every semester from them. Thanks for the support.

And it's always great to meet the next generation of illustrators and designers.


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