Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lecture Two: Central St Martin's

Following a wonderful lunch with Brian Grimwood and Ben Cox from the Central Illustration Agency we ventured first to the Apple Store to get a necessary connector to work with all the overhead digital projectors. From there it was back to the flat and then on to Central St Martin's for our evening lecture with their Master of Arts students.

Thanks to Patrick Roberts, Course Director, MA Communication Design, for helping us setup for the presentation and it was good to see Gary Powell whom we'd met a few years ago when he brought his students over to the studio. And of course, Andrew Foster who'd arranged our lecture. Andrew is this year's 3x3 Educator/Illustrator of the Year and is featured in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No. 6 due out later this month. Andrew is an exciting and intense artist who is definitely blurring the lines between illustration and fine arts. We also met the artist, Anna Bhushan who had just returned from a four-year stay in New York.

The lecture was followed by one of the more intense Q&A periods we'd experienced on either side of the Atlantic. A brief dinner followed at a Greek restaurant around the corner. Thanks to Andrew, Gary and Anna for making us feel so welcome.

Sorry no photos, there were problems with the camera.


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