Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For What It's Worth No. 7

I'm continually amazed at the positive response we get from our magazines, whether it's 3x3 or our sister publication Creative Quarterly.

In a down economy magazines are having a hard time surviving and to be a young fledgling publication in these times has been difficult. We’re not backed by a major publisher, we’re not a spin-off of a larger conglomerate, we’re just a simple set of magazines started by individuals who believe that there is talent out there that’s not being recognized.

Entries into are shows continues to grow—we had our strongest showing ever in January at the heart of the recession. But we positioned ourselves correctly, our entry fees are low compared to most shows and we only select the best work unlike shows who seem to have a quota when it comes to filling their pages. When so many people are painting the economy as bleak we see colors.

It’s a time of innovation and there’s no better time to pull out the stops. In past recessions our design firm we would find that while clients tend to play it safe in a good economy they turn much more daring in a bad one—poor economies unleash the chains that holds back creativity. Sure it’s not all going to work, but it isn’t a time to play it safe, it’s a time to be bold and daring. And the work in our publications reflects that.

Creative people embrace downturns, it tends to get rid of waste, of duplication or incompetence. A bad economy focuses us. We’re only worried about today and not forecasting for the future. Things are clearer. More understandable. Black & White. There is no wishing there is only doing. And doing it like there’s no tomorrow. You can be fresh out of school or a long-standing artist or designer, it doesn’t matter, we’re all approaching the situation with a unique vigor and it will pay off. Maybe not monetarily in the extremes—do we want to go back to extremes?—but our work creates a worth of its own.

And good work moves people to action. Whether they buy a painting in a gallery, or respond to a poster for a Broadway show or an ad for apple juice, good work works. You keep producing, we’ll keep recognizing it and showing it and the world will applaud.


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