Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Intern: André Carvalho, aka André da Loba

We have added a new intern at 3x3, a recent graduate of the SVA MFA program. Thanks to Kim Abondi at SVA who put out the word, André asked for an interview. Born in a small village in Portugal, André studied graphic design and then moved to Spain to take classes in illustration. After freelancing as an illustrator/designer he attended the School of Visual Arts Illustration as Visual Essay program, graduating this year. His work has been exhibited in both 3x3 and Creative Quarterly and won a prize at the Bologna Children's Book Fair.

After a briefing on the particulars of the job, André showed the group his portfolio. Housed in a wooden case he'd found on the street, he opened what was to be an atypical book. It was like watching a magician perform. Instead of traditional two-dimensional books his storytelling took the form of simple wooden blocks which when turned presented the next stage of a simple story, his paper maiche head when spun answers either yes or no or the weighted profile of a man's head which hung easily on the tip of ones finger. It was truly a visual treat. Most of the materials were found on the streets of Manhattan, used cardboard, blocks from scraps leftover from the sculpture labs; materials not usually found in an artist's portfolio. The magic was not only in the work itself but the performance by the artist, you could literally feel the enthusiasm for the work. It wasn't showy or pretentious, it was an expression of love and not unlike the experience one feels from experiencing Philip Petite walking on the wire. Speaking of love, the del Loba is a reference to his grandmother's nickname who raised two children as a single parent. He said, "If that's not an expression of love, what is." We found out that Carvalho is used for design work and da Loba is for his illustration work.

He may or may not work out as our intern, we'll know soon enough, but he certainly has a great future ahead of him as an artist/illustrator, the magic is bottled up and itching to get out. A true original.


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