Saturday, February 21, 2009

Self-Portrait Assignment from Freistil

Having judged this year's Freistil competition I was asked to do a self-portrait to go with the judge's bios. And in keeping with this years theme, The Black Issue, the art had to be done in black and white. Feeling like an illustrator again, I was given a very short deadline and not wanting to embarrass myself I worked right down to the wire. Having dreaded the assignment I actually enjoyed it and it makes me want to pick up the pen again and draw something else.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lunch: Steven Tabbutt

From time to time we invite artists over to lunch at our studio in Brooklyn. Today's lunch was with the young artist Steven Tabbutt. We first saw Steven's work in the 3x3 Student Show and then again at the SVA Gallery where we added one of his paintings to our 3x3 art collection. We knew his work but didn't know much about him until today. Born in Maine, Steven spent his younger years growing up in small towns throughout the South. His early influences were from comics, there were no art galleries in his hometown; not even an art supply store. He didn't get to see much art but he always loved to draw and on a high school field trip to the new Savannah College of Art & Design, he knew he'd found a home where he could grow as an artist.

After graduation he moved with his sister to New York, worked a bit and then signed up for the Masters program at the School of Visual Arts and the rest is history. I was amazed that this young guy was so unique with so little early impressions of the art world. Now he makes his living as an illustrator and fine artist and will have his first solo show this March in his Paris gallery. The gallery owner had seen his work at the SVA gallery, bought a few pieces and then asked him to join her group. Funny thing, a lot of sales go to Americans who visit the gallery. He's also exhibited at galleries in Brooklyn. One of the secrets to his success: he entered every show he could, and still can find, be it fine art or commercial. And it's paid off, his rep saw his work in our annual and signed him up--totally unheard of in most instances to rep a kid right out of school. It was great to meet him and I'm sure you'll be hearing even more great things about him.

Pictured behind Steven is Jessica Quiñones, our show coordinator, busy logging in the student show.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

HOW Magazine 2009 International Design Annual

Surprise. Surprise. We just got our copy of the latest issue of HOW and we're one of the 297 winning entries. This is the second year in a row that 3x3 has been so honored. This year's judges included Shannon Carter, Stefan Bucher and Lisa Sanger. Issue 10 was the winner, cover by Chris Buzelli and they selected the opening spread of Fernanda Cohen's article to show in the magazine. There are some really wonderful pieces in the show, we're pleased to have been selected.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poul Lange Invites Hively to Speak to SVA Class

Artist, Designer, Educator Poul Lange (pictured) invited Charles Hively to speak to his class today. The SVA class is made up of graphic design students with an interest in illustration. Hively spoke to the class giving the background of his magazine and books including 3x3, Creative Quarterly, VOIR, the 3x3 Illustration Annual and the 3x3 Illustration Directory and spoke about how to enter shows, how to promote your work as an illustrator and making the choice between being a designer/illustrator and a illustrator/designer. Poul also invited him to critique a recent assignment and answer student's questions about life after graduation. Hively said, "It was great to get in front of a class again, I haven't done that since leaving my position at Parsons two years ago. And it was good to see good work coming out of Poul's class, but then that's what I expect."

Hively Helps Judge the Society of Illustrators 2009 Student Scholarship Competition

"What a wonderful opportunity to see lots of work from schools all over America. And to be able to join a group on Monday that included some of my all time favorite artists: Murray Tinkelman, Geoffrey Moss and Ted Lewin--Elwood Smith had to cancel at the last minute. And I got to meet artist Scott Brundage and Bruce Jennings. We were one of five panels judging the work. We go back on March 9 to make the final selection from the work that has been put in by the panel of judges. It was interesting to compare and contrast the work that came in with our own student show. Ours is a bit different in we accept entries from outside the US and our judging process is more like grading class projects, each judge ranks each piece on a scale from 0 to 4, 4 being the highest. Only 3s and 4s make it into the show, only those receiving a majority of 4s are are medal winners. Thanks to Lisa St Cyr and Scott Bakal for inviting me to join the panel. It was a treat, everyone at the Society takes special care of visitors."