Tuesday, August 24, 2021

3x3 Issue 27 On Press

We’re happy to report that the next issue of 3x3 Magazine is at the printer and will be soon in the mail. This issue features Armando Veve, Feifei Ruan and Hudson Christie along with our issue’s ICON, Hanoch Piven. This issue expands to 88-pages to accommodate a new feature on 70s illustrators with the late Jean-Michel Folon as our first and an expanded Seen & Noted section featuring eighteen illustrators. 

Other features include how to find your voice, industry news with an inside look at Olaf Hajek’s work for Meissen Porcelain and a round up of recent show winners from the Art Director’s Club and 3x3 Show 18. And as per usual, our book reviews on new releases in art and design.

It’s not too late to subscribe, we still have a few issues left of Issue 26 featuring Brian Stauffer, Sandra Dionisi, Jon Han and ICON Martha Rich—you won’t miss a single issue if you subscribe now.

And coming up next, Keith Negley, Johanna Goodman and Ivan Canu, with Serge Bloch as our ICON, along with the medalists in 3x3’s International Illustration Annual 18.

Cover illustration by Armando Veve, back cover by Feifei Ruan


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