Thursday, February 11, 2021

Remembering Milton Glaser: Virtual Program

Just received a notice from Cooper Union about an upcoming event on February 24th:

A panel of graphic designers discuss the work of Milton Glaser, a 1951 graduate of The Cooper Union.

Gail Anderson
Walter Bernard
Seymour Chwast A’51
Stephen Doyle A’78
Steven Heller
Mirko Ilić
Jonathan Key
Ellen Lupton A’85
Reynold Ruffins A’51
Zipeng Zhu

Milton Glaser, a luminary in the art of graphic design, had an outsized impact on those in his field and beyond. Join us for a discussion of his vast body of work as we honor his incredible legacy. A panel of designers will comment on Glaser's work and his influence. 

This event will be streamed live on The Cooper Union's YouTube channel. Login information will be sent to attendees the day of the event.

This event is sponsored by The Cooper Union and Brooklyn Brewery.

Registration is required. This event, sponsored by The Cooper Union and Brooklyn Brewery, premieres on YouTube and a link will be sent the morning of the program. 

Remembering Milton Glaser
A Virtual Program
February 24, 2021
7-8pm, EST


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