Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Meet Our Judges: Johan Holm, Art Director
Me and My Magazines

Johan Holm loves magazines. While attending BrobyGrafiska in Sunne, Sweden, he started an internship at Café magazine, and a blog entitled Me and My Magazine, both in 2008.

Café was a magazine he had subscribed to for ten years with the goal of one day working there; on the blog he wrote about his days at Café and his thoughts about newspapers and magazine covers. What started as mostly text soon evolved into strictly examples of cover designs and continues today.

After graduation he worked as an art director at the fast-paced A Perfect Guide, a weekly magazine distributed through the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet with a circulation of 100,000 copies. He also got to design some of the newspaper’s customer’s magazines which lead to a position at Bonniers Icon magazine in 2012, ending in 2015.

Now he concentrates on art directing custom publications including c/oHops, a magazine devoted to the fantastic world of beer that’s published five times a year in Sweden. Asked about his goals he replied, “My goal is to be able to work on many projects and thus met many new, exciting and inspiring people and hopefuly make emotion-provoking publications together.”

Johan is sole-art director judging the 3x3 Student Show. Each year we invite an art director to help judge the student work we receive from around the globe. He joins a list of distinguished illustrators that make up our jury including André da Loba, Gina Triplett, Michael Byers and Genevieve Gauckler. meandmymagazine.com

3x3 International Illustration Awards No.14 open for entries
Three shows: Professional, Picture Book and Student, open to all illustrators in all countries
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Deadline: Midnight, Friday, March 24

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