Monday, March 28, 2016

3x3 International Illustration Awards
Late Deadline: April 1

No foolin’ our show is open until midnight, April, 1, 2016. A late fee does apply.

Late Fees
Professional & Picture Book Show
Fees for a single entry, $45. Total fee for a of three to five images with a similar theme is $70.

Student Show
Fees for a single entry, $25. Total fee for a series of three to five images with a similar theme is $45.

Best of Show and Gold medal winners receive our distinctive 3×3×3-inch cube, Silver winners receive a framed award; Bronze winners and Distinctive Merit winners receive paper certificates. Merit winners may request either a pdf or printed certificate. Honorable mention, a pdf.

Show Chair, James Yang

Professional Show Judges
Ken DeLago, Creative Director, Golf Digest
Grace Lee, Art Director, Priest+Grace
Lucho Correa, Art Director/Graphic Designer, Colombia
Kiko Farkas, Art Director, Brazil
Irene Gallo, Art Director, Tor Books
Jing Wei, Illustrator
Veronica Grech, Illustrator, Spain
Brian Rea, Illustrator

Picture Book Show Judges
Paul Buckley, Art Director, Penguin
Hendrik Helligel, Editor, Gestalten Verlag, Germany
Isabelle De Cat, Art Director, Penguin, United Kingdom
Ben Newman, Illustrator, United Kingdom
Maria Carluccio, Illustrator

Student Show Judges
Catherine Gilmore-Barnes, Art Director, New York Times Book Review
Aya Kakeda, Illustrator
Ian Whadcock, Illustrator/Educator, Manchester School of Art, United Kingdom
Jonathan Jay Lee, Illustrator/Educator, HK SCAD, Hong Kong
Peter Diamond, Illustrator, Austria

The 3x3 International Illustration Awards Show is open to all illustrators in all countries. For full details download our Call for Entries pdf, to enter go to our homepage.

Final Deadline: April 1, 2016, no entries will be accepted after the deadline.


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