Friday, September 25, 2015

Designers & Books Fair 2015 - FIT NYC

Designers & Books Fair 2015™ is a must for anyone who is interested in design and loves books.

The Fair focuses on all aspects of design — architecture, experience design, fashion, graphic design, interior design, landscape architecture, product and industrial design, and urban design — and will feature:

Books on sale from more than 70 different European, Asian, and American publishers and booksellers, including antiquarian dealers. Book giveaways from many publishers, too.

Programs featuring many esteemed speakers including Milton Glaser, Steven Heller, Irma Boom, Juliet Kinchin, Peter Bohlin, Philip Pearlman, and Gary Hustwit.

The launch of a new book signing program including “Experiences with Authors,™” where you can win exclusive invitations to special behind-the-scenes activities with your favorite authors — including André Leon Talley, Louise Fili, Julie Iovine, Chip Kidd, and Fern Mallis.

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York
Exhibition: John E Reeves Great Hall, Friday-Sunday
Programs: Katie Murphy Amphitheater, Saturday-Sunday



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