Friday, January 30, 2015

3x3 International Illustration Annual
Call for Entries

We are now accepting entries in the 2015 3x3 International Illustrator’s show. This year’s deadline for all shows is March 31, 2014.

Why our show?

It seems everyday there’s another contest for illustrators, what makes ours different? First, it is solely illustration-oriented, we don't have contests for photographers or designers, only illustrators. Secondly, it's truly international, last year we had entries from over 35 countries. And lastly our Annual is on the newsstands—one of only three who are available there—and the only one that is devoted entirely to illustration.

What’s new?

Medals. Best of Show and Gold medal winners receive our distinctive 3×3×3-inch cube, Silver and Bronze winners receive a framed award; all distinctive merit and merit winners receive certificates. This has been on our wish-list for some time now, but we have just received our samples and will go into production.

We will be creating an app of the annual and it will be offered free to a select list of art directors and art buyers worldwide. We'll also let them know about the Annual’s website and give them a substantial discount when ordering our print edition.

We have added a category in our student show separating out children’s books from the other categories which include illustration, animation and books. This allows our judges to judge these categories separately.

We’ll waive registration fees at our annual Nuts & Bolts Conference for our Student Best of Show and Gold medal winners.

Our Best of Show and Gold medal winning entries will receive a free page in our 2015 3x3 Illustration Directory plus they’ll not pay any publication fees for their best of show and gold medal winning entries.

Our Judges

For the professional show: Ronn Campisi, former Design Director, Boston Globe; Christian Drury, former Senior Art Director, Wall Street Journal; April MontgomeryArt Director, IDG Enterprise and Samantha JohnsonPicture Editor, Penguin Press, United Kingdom and illustrators Nishant Choksi, United Kingdom, Christian Gralingen, Germany, Lasse Skarbovik, Sweden and Ellen Weinstein.

For our picture book show: Hannah Ray Editorial Manager, Macmillan Children’s Books, United Kingdom; Debra SfetsiosArt Director, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing; Ben Norland, Executive Art Director, Walker Books Ltd., United Kingdom; Svein StørksenEditor in Chief, Magikon Forlag, Norway; and award-winning illustrators Janette Bornmarker, Sweden, Calef Brown and Steve Simpson, Ireland.

For our student show: Pamela Fogg, Design Director, Middlebury Magazine and illustrator/educators Paul Burgess, United Kingdom; Martin Haake, Germany; Cedomir Kostovic, Simon Peplow, United Kingdom and James Yang.

Ready to enter? Just click your link: 3x3 ProShow3x3 Picture Book Show3x3 Student Show. Have questions, check out our FAQ.

Deadline for all shows: March 31, 2015. Entries uploaded after that date will be assessed a $10 per entry late fee; entries will not be accepted after April 5, 2015.

Illustration by Giulio Bonasera, Italy


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