Thursday, December 17, 2015

3x3 International Illustration Awards No.13
Now Open

We’re getting a bit of an early start this year by announcing our next juried competition. Judges will be announced next month

Our deadline of entries is March 25, 2016 with a late deadline of April 1st—late deadlines will have a late fee added. If you’re interested in entering now, you can. Good news for those who wish to deduct their entry fees off their 2015 taxes.

Entry fees and publication fees, as well as purchases of annuals, magazines and books are all tax-deductible.

Thanks to Lasse Skarbövik for this year’s commissioned Call for Entries image.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Designers & Books Fair 2015 - FIT NYC

Designers & Books Fair 2015™ is a must for anyone who is interested in design and loves books.

The Fair focuses on all aspects of design — architecture, experience design, fashion, graphic design, interior design, landscape architecture, product and industrial design, and urban design — and will feature:

Books on sale from more than 70 different European, Asian, and American publishers and booksellers, including antiquarian dealers. Book giveaways from many publishers, too.

Programs featuring many esteemed speakers including Milton Glaser, Steven Heller, Irma Boom, Juliet Kinchin, Peter Bohlin, Philip Pearlman, and Gary Hustwit.

The launch of a new book signing program including “Experiences with Authors,™” where you can win exclusive invitations to special behind-the-scenes activities with your favorite authors — including André Leon Talley, Louise Fili, Julie Iovine, Chip Kidd, and Fern Mallis.

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York
Exhibition: John E Reeves Great Hall, Friday-Sunday
Programs: Katie Murphy Amphitheater, Saturday-Sunday


Monday, September 14, 2015

3x3 Directory Wins Silver in Gold Ink Awards

We just received notice from Allen Press that our 2015 3x3 Illustration Directory received a Silver award in the directories category. More than one-thousand entries were entered in this year’s Gold Ink awards.

Winning pieces are featured in Printing Impressions magazine and Top award winning companies and their entries are also showcased during a multimedia presentation at the Gold Ink Awards & Hall of Fame Gala later this year.

The Directory also received an award in the 2015 Printing & Imaging Association (PIA) awards in the soft cover books category. The PIA had over 2,400 entries this year.

Allen Press printed our 2015 Directory and is also the printer for our sister publication, Creative Quarterly which received a Silver award in Gold Ink's trade magazine category.

Founded 75 years ago, Allen Press provides printing services to a wide variety of publications.

Friday, July 31, 2015

ih8war Wins Award from RGD

Every year, the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) invites submissions of graphic design projects from around the world done under the theme of communication design for social good; work with the power to incite action and make meaningful change in the way we live our lives.

Today’s designers have an ever greater responsibility to visualize the significant issues facing our society and find new ways to incite change in the way we behave. When we approach these issues creatively, we can make a real difference in the world.

For 2015, a portion of the entry fees will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross Nepal Region Earthquake Fund.

Featured artists, Girolamo Giantempo and Francesco Zorzi, Italy, Mirko Cresta, Switzerland and James Yang, United States. is a personal project of graphic designers Charles HIvely and Sarah Munt. To date we have had over 65 artist submissions centered around the thought that artists can make a difference. Other participating artists include Seymour Chwast, Anthony Freda, Lasse Skarbovik, Davide Bonazzi, Adria Fruitos, Omer Hoffman, Giulio Bonasera and Ken Orvidas to name a few. Check out the gallery online for a complete view of all the work.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mona Lisa Reimagined

Over 8 million people from all over the world flock to the Louvre every year for the opportunity to gaze upon the beguiling Renaissance masterpiece, La Gioconda, more popularly known as "Mona Lisa."

For over 500 years, civilizations have exhaustively attempted to examine all facets of the famous artwork's creation, influence, mythology, heritage, and mystique. But perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of Mona Lisa's enduring legacy is the frequency with which this painting has been reinterpreted, parodied, appropriated, and imitated by other artists. No painting in history has been reproduced as often as Mona Lisa, and yet never before has there been published a book such as MONA LISA REIMAGINED, a captivating anthology of hundreds of pieces of art that have been inspired by this priceless world treasure. Featuring both established and emerging artists from over 50 different countries, this book is destined to become an essential addition to every bookshelf, coffee table, and library.

Author Erik Maell is an illustrator and graphic designer whose clients include Lucasfilm Ltd., Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Topps Trading Card Company, and Victoria's Secret Beauty Corporation. He lives in Columbus, OH.

List Price: $34.95
Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Goff Books
ISBN-13: 978-1939621269

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Norman Rockwell's United Nations Event

This summer, Norman Rockwell Museum will honor the 70th anniversary of the United Nations with an unprecedented exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters, uniting the mosaic with Rockwell’s Golden Rule painting, his United Nations drawing, and other works that reflect the artist’s personal beliefs in universal commonalities of mankind as a “citizen of the world.”

“Norman Rockwell’s United Nations brings the UN Charter to life,” notes United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “It is a reminder that the United Nations remains the home and hope of ‘we the peoples.’”

Organized by Norman Rockwell Museum with support from the United Nations Foundation, We the Peoples features 33 original artworks, including the artist’s rarely seen 1953 drawing, United Nations. Along with 1961’s Golden Rule painting, the exhibition will feature idea sketches, color studies, and notes for both artworks.

A selection of reference photos taken by the artist at the UN, featuring several of its ambassadors and members of its Security Council, will also be displayed, along with photographs of local models, taken in his Arlington, Vermont studio in 1952, as reference for the artwork.

Other highlights from the exhibition include a series of travel paintings and drawings created by Norman Rockwell in the early 1960s, featuring spontaneous oil portraits of citizens from India and Russia; 1955 drawings from the artist’s sketchbook reflect his observations during a worldwide trip for Pan American Airlines’ advertising campaign; and two paintings of the Peace Corps in India, created for Look magazine in 1966, showcase Rockwell’s idealism and hopeful outlook for the future; digital reproductions of some of his most iconic Civil Rights era paintings also will be included. Additional archival documents and video will support the exhibition.

We the Peoples: Norman Rockwell’s United Nations will be on view at the UN’s Visitors Center in New York City, from June 20 through September 15, 2015.

Save the The University Visual Resources Centre
at MMU

Posting this from Gary Spicer, Senior Lecturer at Stockport College:

The 60’s challenged orthodoxies with new and emergent voices on feminism, social and political activism, anti-war protests, all important stuff. This Allen Jones image from 1968 is risky and challenging, and easily offends. It was always guaranteed to kick off when Jones was discussed in what was then called ‘Liberal Studies’ at Manchester Poly in 1978 when I did my foundation course.

Easy to see why, and this image Desire Me is relatively tame. Chair made in 1969, which is essentially a women formed as a piece of furniture had people frothing at the mouth, but I loved it. When asked about his work in general, Jones suggested to Marco Livingstone - and this is slightly abridged – that “Confronted with an abstract statement people readily defer to an expert; but confronted with an erotic statement everyone is an expert. It seems to me a democratic idea that art should be accessible to everyone on some level, and eroticism in one such level”. Great talking points, getting to the heart of what art should or ‘could’ be and ideas that were evolving alongside ones own emerging self awareness.

Vastly different and at odds with anything I do in my practice but that's what’s good. Laura Mulvey, Griselda Pollock et al got in a real lather in the day over Jones’s work and in ‘Fears, Fantasies and theMale Unconscious or “You Don’t Know What is Happening, Do You Mr. Jones? (1972) Mulvey drew on Freudian theory calling the work fetishistic, claiming it was the result of a castration complex about which Jones was unaware and concluded, “Women are simply the scenery onto which men project their narcissistic fantasies. The time has come for us to take over the show and exhibit our own fears and desires” and she was absolutely right, it was. I loved learning about stuff like this and getting to grips with complex and contentious issues and writing about it, as I did in my dissertation way back then. And I remember seeing this slide shone through with light, as it clunked in the carousel and slipped straight into my consciousness, nestling as it did, in what was then a fledgling constellation of my historical and cultural knowledge.

The University Visual Resources Centre is not only an extensive collection of images, it is a record of how and what we were taught in a world that wasn't so instant, in a world where things took a little more time and were not so disposable. It would be a shame if we were to oversee the disposal of this archive.

Friday, June 12, 2015

3x3 International Illustration Annual
Winners Announced

Best of Show Crystal Award and Gold Medal
The judging is complete and here are the results. Thanks to all our judges for their tireless devotion to judging each of our shows. And thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s annual.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Professional Show

Best of Show
Allen Crawford, United States — Books

Ofra Amit, Israel — Corporate Communications

Lasse Skarbövik,  Sweden— Posters

Emma Virke, Sweden — Animation

Emiliano Ponzi, Italy — Covers

Otto Steininger, United States — Covers

Natalya Balnova, United States — Self-Promotion

Andre Carrilho, Portugal — Comic/Cartoons

Peter Diamond, Austria — Books

Distinguished Merit
Scott Bakal, United States — Books

Jody Hewgill, Canada — Editorial: Portraits

Paul Hoppe, United States — Covers

Lasse Skarbövik, Sweden— Advertising

Mark Smith, United Kingdom — Covers

Find Merits and Honorable Mentions here.

Picture Book Show

Best of Show
Catarina Sobral, Portugal — Children’s Book Published

Page Tsou, Taiwan — Children’s Book Published

Kate Hindley, United Kingdom — Children’s Book Published
Catarina Sobral, Portugal — Children’s Editorial

Marion Arbona, France — Children’s Book Published
Daniel Bueno, Brazil— Children’s Book Unpublished
Roya M., United States — Children’s Illustration Unpublished

Distinguished Merit
Marta Monteiro, Portugal — Young Adult
Kelly Murphy, United Kingdom — Children’s Illustration Published
John Parra, United Kingdom — Children’s Book Published

Find Merit and Honorable Mentions here.

Student Show

Best of Show
Yukai Du, United Kingdom — Central Saint Martins College Of Art And Design

Karol Banach, Poland — Nicolaus Copernicus University

Jing Li, United States — Savannah College Of Art And Design, Atlanta
Elyse Salazar, United States — Savannah College Of Art And Design, Atlanta
Hong Chen, Canada — OCAD University
Long Hui (Spencer) Wang, Canada — OCAD University

Yohey Horishita, United Kingdom — Savannah College Of Art And Design, Atlanta
Ariel Wollek, Germany — UDK Berlin
Or Yogev, Israel— Bezalel Academy Of Arts And Design, Jerusalem

Distinguished Merit
Yin Yeh, United States — Minneapolis College Of Art And Design
Elena Lloyd, United States — Parsons The New School for Design
Kate O'Hara, United States — The University Of The Arts
Dola Sun, United States — Savannah College Of Art And Design
Picture Book
Ariel Wollek, Israel — Bezalel Academy Of Arts And Design, Jerusalem

Find Merit and Honorable Mentions here.

We will be starting on the design and production of the Annual next week with an anticipated delivery by year-end. Congratulations again to all of our winners.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Meet the Judges: Debra Sfetsios, Art Director

For the past fourteen years Debra Sfetsios has been art director in the children's division of Simon & Schuster managing multiple hardcover projects ranging from non-fiction, picture books to young adult fiction.

She prides herself in maintaining positive, nurturing and strong relationships with acclaimed illustrators, both nationally and internationally, thus insuring a ready stable of the top illustrators for future projects.

Prior to Simon & Schuster  she was an art director at Smallwood and Stewart creating book covers and interiors for lifestyle, home and garden coffee table books, she has also worked at Rodale on cookbooks as well as health and fitness books.

Sfetsios received a BFA, Graphic Design from Temple University, Tyler School of Art and has pursued additional educational opportunities at the School of Visual Arts and Art Student's League.

Her work has received recognition from the New York Book Show, Parent's Choice, the Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles, the Society of Illustrators New York Original Art and a National Book Award for Juvenile Literature.

Debra will be judging our published and unpublished 3x3 Picture Book Show.

Open to all illustrators in all countries, enter our professional, picture book or student show. All entries must be in by March 31st, enter today.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meet the Judges: Svein Størksen

Svein Størksen is co-founder and editor-in-chief at Magikon Forlag. Magikon  is a small Norwegian publishing house established by illustrators Kristin Roskifte and Størksen in 2007.

Magikon publishes picture books, comics and art books focusing on visual culture and the interaction between text and images. The name Magikon is composed of words magic which stands for something amazing and icon which means image. The publisher has received numerous awards and many books are translated and available outside Norway.

Svein has a master's degree in illustration and graphic design from the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry (SHKS), an arts college in Oslo.

Svein will be judging our published and unpublished 3x3 Picture Book Show.

Open to all illustrators in all countries, enter our professional, picture book or student show. All entries must be in by March 31st, enter today.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Something Even Better Than Inside An Oreo

Been seeing these Oreo posters in the subway all over New York, it seems Oreo has launched the second phase of its Play with Oreo campaign from ad agency The Martin Agency in which it recruited 10 emerging artists from around the world to create a piece that represented the brand.

The artists who worked on the project include Jeff Soto, Brosmind, Alex Trochut, Geoff McFetridge, Craig + Karl, Andrew Bannecker, Ryan Todd, Shotopop, Andy Rementer and MCBESS.

Complete campaign here.

Client: Oreo, Mondelez International
Agency: The Martin Agency
Public Relations: Weber Shandwick
Social: 360i
Media Buying: MediaVest

Client Credits:
Vice President, Global Biscuit Category: Jason Levine
Vice President, Brand Strategy and Communications: Jill Baskin
Senior Director, Oreo and Chips Ahoy!: Janda Lukin
Oreo Global Brand Manager: Flavio Ackel
Oreo Senior Associate Brand Manager: Kerri McCarthy

Agency Credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Jorge Calleja
Vice Presidents, Creative Directors: Magnus Hierta, David Muhlenfeld
Vice President, Associate Creative Director, Design: Chris Peel
Associate Designer: William Godwin
Senior Studio Artist: Matt Wieringo
Vice President, Group Planning Director: John Gibson
Strategic Planner: Gigi Jordan
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Account Director: John Campbell
Senior Vice President, Group Account Director: Darren Foot
Vice Presidents, Account Directors: Leslie Hodgin, Britta Dougherty
Account Supervisor: Molly Holmes
Account Coordinator: James Salusky
Executive Vice President, Managing Director Production, Development: Steve Humble
Senior Art Producer: Anya Mills
Senior Print Producer: Paul Martin
Junior Print Producer: Jamie Parker
Group Project Management Supervisor: Giao Roever
Business Affairs Supervisor: Juanita McInteer

Bernstein Andruilli
Jeff Soto
Ryan Todd
Andrew Bannecker
Geoff McFetridge
Big Active
Andy Rementer
Levine Leavitt
Alex Trochut
Craig and Karl

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Meet the Judges:
Samantha Johnson, Picture Editor

Samantha Johnson has been Picture Editor at Penguin Press in London since 2004. She researches and commissions photography, illustration and fine art for Penguin Classics, Modern Classics and the non-fiction imprints Allen Lane and Particular Books.

Penguin’s design heritage is well known and Sam has commissioned work for poetry, literature and non-fiction that has gone on to win leading prizes in the UK including the V&A Illustration awards and the Arts Foundation Award for Illustration. Illustrators and artists using a variety of media have produced astounding work for Penguin covers, including Chinese woodblock prints, oil paintings, papercut  as well as hand drawn and digitally originated imagery. In the world of book cover design, where concept is key, the role for original and creative artists and illustrators is highly valued.

Sam studied history, art history and literature at university, focussing on the use of photography as historical document for her Masters degree. She has subsequently worked with the historical collections of the Royal Photographic Society and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. In 2001 she co-founded a design partnership, Bickford Smith & Johnson with Coralie Bickford-Smith working on pattern design beyond the book publishing world.

Samantha will be judging the 3x3 Professional Show.

Open to all illustrators in all countries, enter our professional, picture book or student show. All entries must be in by March 31st, enter today.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Meet the Judges: Ben Norland, Art Director

Ben Norland is Executive Art Director at Walker Books Ltd. in London. He began work there as a intern, “making tea, emptying bins.” and has stayed there ever since. He has worked on all kind of books from board books to YA novels with a variety of illustrators and authors.

Founded in 1978 by Sebastian Walker, Walker Books is Britain’s leading independent publisher of high quality books for children of all ages. From a modest start, with just 18 titles in 1980, the company now produces over 300 paperback and hardback titles a year, more than any other children’s book publisher in the UK.

Walker Books has been consistently recognized in all the major awards, winning The Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize, the Carnegie Medal, the Kate Greenaway Medal (9 times), the Smarties Prize (19 times) and many more.

As Ben puts it, “I get to work with a large number of astonishingly talented illustrators. The quality and range of work that finds its home in the field of children’s publishing is staggering. It's a delight to be able to work with so many talented people.”

Asked about any preferences he added, “More generally I would say that the things which typically draw me to an illustrated picture book are: great characterisation; a sense of humour; great characterisation; impeccable timing; great characterisation; a real emotional hit to the work; oh, and great characterisation.”

Ben will be judging the 3x3 Picture Book Show.

Open to all illustrators in all countries, enter our professional, picture book or student show. All entries must be in by March 31st, enter today.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Meet the Judges: April Montgomery, Art Director

April Montgomery is a New York-born, New England-based designer hooked on the arts, storytelling and technology.

April is an award-winning publication designer with more than fifteen years of experience creating strong, effective communications. She is currently an art director for IDG Enterprise in Boston, meeting the editorial design needs of technology-focused media brands such as Computerworld.

Her work has been recognized by the Society of Publication Designers (SPD), FOLIO: Magazine—including multiple years of winning Best Use of Illustration and the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) including Magazine of the Year as well as select projects featured on visual forums by Robert Newman and CoverJunkie.

April will be judging our 3x3 ProShow.

Open to all illustrators in all countries, enter our professional, picture book or student show. All entries must be in by March 31st, enter today.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Meet the Judges: Pamela Fogg, Design Director

We are always very fortunate to recruit top art directors, creative directors, design directors and designers to judge our 3x3 Shows, this year is no exception.

And for the second time we are adding a top industry leader to our jury panel for the 3x3 Student Show, Pamela Fogg.

Pamela Fogg is the design director at Middlebury College where she oversees the creation of everything from admissions recruitment materials to fundraising and video. Her real passion is working on the award-winning Middlebury Magazine and cultivating relationships with photographers and illustrators to bring its content to life.

Since she began working in higher education, Pam has been involved with various organizations such as UCDA, AIGA and CASE in roles ranging from board member, conference chair to presenter. She works tirelessly to explain to fellow designers, editors and conference attendees (or anyone who will listen) the value of illustration.

Pamela has worked in the field of graphic design for 25 years. She received her BFA in advertising and design from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Open to all student or recent graduate illustrators and educators in all countries. Students are also eligible to enter any of our unpublished categories in the professional and picture book shows. All entries must be in by March 31st, enter today.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meet the Judges: Hannah Ray

We are always very fortunate to recruit top art directors, creative directors, design directors and designers to judge our 3x3 Shows, this year is no exception.

We’d like to introduce Hannah Ray.

Hannah is Editorial Manager at Macmillan Children’s Books in London. An English Graduate, she has worked in children’s publishing for the last 12 years and has been editing picture and gift books at Macmillan for the last seven.

Hannah works with established authors and illustrators as well as exciting new talent, as part of a lively and creative publishing team. She has commissioned and edited a number of award-winning books, and also worked on the official picture-book edition of Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom.

Hannah will be judging the 3x3 Picture Book categories.

Open to all illustrators in all countries, enter our professional, picture book or student show. All entries must be in by March 31st, enter today.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meet the Judges: Ronn Campisi

We are always very fortunate to recruit top art directors, creative directors, design directors and designers to judge our 3x3 Shows, this year is no exception.

We are beginning our series with Ronn Campisi.

Ronn Campisi specializes in publication design including newspapers, magazines and books.

Ronn’s background includes broad experience in the field of publication design. He is the former design director of The Boston Globe. He has also served as design director of Boston, The Real Paper and Fusion magazines. He has designed the formats for many of the leading technology magazines and newspapers published in America including PC Magazine, Computerworld, Computer Reseller News and InfoWorld.

Ronn has won more than 300 awards for his work, many of which were linked to his redesign of the highly successful Boston Globe Magazine.

In 1983, he was the designer and part of the team that won a Pulitzer Prize for a special magazine section entitled War and Peace in the Nuclear Age. His work has appeared in the Graphis Annual as well as Graphis Magazine, the Type Directors Club Annual, Print and Communication Arts.

He has lectured at the American Press Institute, The School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design, The Society of Newspaper Design, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Boston, The Boston Computer Society, The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., and the British Design and Art Direction Association, London.

He has judged numerous design competitions including Art Directors Club of New York, The Society of Publication Designers, American Illustration, American Institute of Graphic Arts, The Society of Illustrators, CA Magazine Design Annual, European Illustration, The Society of Newspaper Design and the Type Directors Club. And now he's judging the 3x3 ProShow.

Open to all illustrators in all countries, enter our professional, picture book or student show. All entries must be in by March 31st, enter today.

Friday, January 30, 2015

3x3 International Illustration Annual
Call for Entries

We are now accepting entries in the 2015 3x3 International Illustrator’s show. This year’s deadline for all shows is March 31, 2014.

Why our show?

It seems everyday there’s another contest for illustrators, what makes ours different? First, it is solely illustration-oriented, we don't have contests for photographers or designers, only illustrators. Secondly, it's truly international, last year we had entries from over 35 countries. And lastly our Annual is on the newsstands—one of only three who are available there—and the only one that is devoted entirely to illustration.

What’s new?

Medals. Best of Show and Gold medal winners receive our distinctive 3×3×3-inch cube, Silver and Bronze winners receive a framed award; all distinctive merit and merit winners receive certificates. This has been on our wish-list for some time now, but we have just received our samples and will go into production.

We will be creating an app of the annual and it will be offered free to a select list of art directors and art buyers worldwide. We'll also let them know about the Annual’s website and give them a substantial discount when ordering our print edition.

We have added a category in our student show separating out children’s books from the other categories which include illustration, animation and books. This allows our judges to judge these categories separately.

We’ll waive registration fees at our annual Nuts & Bolts Conference for our Student Best of Show and Gold medal winners.

Our Best of Show and Gold medal winning entries will receive a free page in our 2015 3x3 Illustration Directory plus they’ll not pay any publication fees for their best of show and gold medal winning entries.

Our Judges

For the professional show: Ronn Campisi, former Design Director, Boston Globe; Christian Drury, former Senior Art Director, Wall Street Journal; April MontgomeryArt Director, IDG Enterprise and Samantha JohnsonPicture Editor, Penguin Press, United Kingdom and illustrators Nishant Choksi, United Kingdom, Christian Gralingen, Germany, Lasse Skarbovik, Sweden and Ellen Weinstein.

For our picture book show: Hannah Ray Editorial Manager, Macmillan Children’s Books, United Kingdom; Debra SfetsiosArt Director, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing; Ben Norland, Executive Art Director, Walker Books Ltd., United Kingdom; Svein StørksenEditor in Chief, Magikon Forlag, Norway; and award-winning illustrators Janette Bornmarker, Sweden, Calef Brown and Steve Simpson, Ireland.

For our student show: Pamela Fogg, Design Director, Middlebury Magazine and illustrator/educators Paul Burgess, United Kingdom; Martin Haake, Germany; Cedomir Kostovic, Simon Peplow, United Kingdom and James Yang.

Ready to enter? Just click your link: 3x3 ProShow3x3 Picture Book Show3x3 Student Show. Have questions, check out our FAQ.

Deadline for all shows: March 31, 2015. Entries uploaded after that date will be assessed a $10 per entry late fee; entries will not be accepted after April 5, 2015.

Illustration by Giulio Bonasera, Italy

Thursday, January 22, 2015

It’s in the Mail

Just received our samples for the 3x3 International Annual No. 11 which means the Annual is on its way to our subscribers and those that ordered the Annual as well as heading to selected newsstands worldwide.

Thank you to Chris Young, The Prolific Group in Winnipeg, for his expert handling of our project. Chris is our go-to guy for the Annual and again he didn't disappoint.

And thank you to all who support our efforts either by entering our shows, subscribing or buying our books and magazines.

The Annual was delayed by the holidays but we are making every effort to speed up the production process so the 2015 Annual arrives earlier.

And start gathering your entries, the 2015 Annual No. 12 deadline is March 30. Our Call for Entries goes out this week, to add your name to our mailing list go here.

Cover illustration by Mark Smith

Friday, January 16, 2015

Donald Kilpatrick III Exhibit Opens in New York

This marks Donald Kilpatrick’s third solo exhibition with the gallery and his New York debut featuring over twenty-five new paintings.

Sing Down the Moon explores Kilpatrick’s use of allegory in pursuit of engaging narratives that transport the viewer to imaginary epochs. Books and birds, a needle and thread, axes and snakes are some of the many symbols used to represent humanity’s innate desire to cultivate, serve, and command nature.

These visual poems draw from the artist’s personal archive, which include, printed matter, title pages from books and sketchbooks.

Kilpatrick earned has an M.A. from Syracuse University in 2006. He moved to Detroit in 2007 to begin his career at the College for Creative Studies where is a professor of traditional and digital illustration of which he has been the department chair since 2010.

His work has been featured in publications such as Fortune, the L.A. Times, and the Wall Street Journal. His paintings have been exhibited in Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Miami.

The Butcher’s Daughter Gallery
318 West 142nd Street
New York NY 10030

Opening reception
January 17, 6-9pm

Exhibit run through February 28th

Tomi Ungerer Exhibit Opens Today

Lots of illustration related art openings this weekend. One in particular has been a long time coming. Tomi Ungerer: All in One opens at The Drawing Center in SoHo. Steven Heller will have a conversation with the artist at 3pm tomorrow followed by a book signing.

The Drawing Center exhibition is the first career retrospective in the United States dedicated to this extraordinary artist. Beginning with his childhood drawings depicting the Nazi invasion of Strasbourg, through his work in New York and Canada, and concluding with Ungerer’s most recent political and satirical campaigns as well as his illustrations for the 2013 children’s book Fog Island, Tomi Ungerer: All in One will re-introduce this wildly creative individual to New York City and the world. The exhibition will occupy the entire Drawing Center, with a spotlight “exhibition” of Ungerer’s erotic drawings in the Drawing Room and animations in the lower-level Lab gallery.

Curated by Claire Gilman, Curator.

Tomi Ungerer: All in One is made possible by the support of Phaidon Press, Lisa Silver and Jean Castelli, an anonymous gift in honor of Frances Beatty Adler, the Maurice Sendak Foundation, EDF Group, Philippe Castagnet, HarperCollins, Dominque Formhals, Fiona and Eric Rudin, the French Embassy, and L’école des Loisirs.

Special thanks to the Musée Tomi Ungerer-Centre international de l'illustration

We profiled Tomi as one of our Illustration Icons in Issue 6.

The Drawing Center
35 Wooster Street
New York NY 10013

Exhibit runs through March 22.

Exhibition Opening: Illustration Art

Swann Galleries in Manhattan is showcasing original illustrations, the exhibition opens this Saturday with the auction on January 22.

Some of the most famous names in illustration are being exhibited and sold. Contemporary illustrators like James McMullen, pictured top left and Joseph Leyendecker, top right, as well as Phil Hays, David Stone Martin, Aubery Beardsley, Seymour Chwast, Stefan Dohanos, James Montgomery Flagg, Edward Gorey, John Held, Al Hirschfeld, Rockwell Kent, David Levine, Ed Sorel, the New Yorker cartoonists, Bob Peak, Tomi Ungerer and many others. All original art with estimates in the hundreds to the thousands.

The image by James McMullen includes the acetate overlay with the handwritten text others like Tomi Ungerer’s are preparatory sketches, one of his is on onion skin.

It will be like a walk through time and some of the estimates make purchasing even affordable.

Check out the online gallery here, 3-D catalog here.

Swann Auction Galleries
104 East 25th Street
New York NY 10010

Exhibition Hours: 
Saturday 12-5pm
Tuesday and Wednesday 10-6pm
Auction is on Thursday at 1:30pm

Contact Christine von der Linn, for details.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hot Off the Press

Thanks to Chris Young for providing us the photo from The Prolific Group.

The printing of the Annual is completed and is in the bindery now. Delivery soon!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Job Opening: MICA MFA Illustration Program

The Illustration Practice MFA program at Maryland Institute College of Art invites applications for this full-time faculty position with a multi-year renewable contract in a non-tenure institution beginning Fall 2015.

Job Description 
The Illustration Practice MFA program seeks a candidate with a distinguished professional career in illustration practice or a related field. A viable candidate will have a sophisticated awareness of illustration markets, an understanding of studio practice in illustration and related fields, and an up-to-date knowledge of industry, advocacy, and relevant copyright issues.

The candidate should have the ability to teach at a graduate level and should demonstrate an understanding and enthusiasm for the current shifts and changes in the practice of illustration. Experience in lecture and critique formats, ability to work with students in groups and one-on-one, and natural abilities for course and professional advisement are important. Candidates should show general knowledge of the use of traditional and non-traditional media, have strong visual and critical abilities and a minimum familiarity with digital technology such as Adobe Creative Cloud. The program also seeks applicants who can convey relevant professional development information and discuss the components of creating and maintaining a viable studio with a contemporary vision of the practice of illustration.

The faculty position will teach one 9-credit course each semester to first-year graduate students, coordinate workshops within that credit load, and engage in a multi-week faculty swap to work with 2nd year thesis students. The candidate will also hold regular office hours, participate in program and institutional responsibilities such as exhibition coordination, committee service, application pre- reviews, application reviews and interviews, Open House, off-site portfolio reviews, orientations, and other program/institution related events. In addition to teaching, all full-time faculty are expected to pursue research and/or professional engagements that contribute to the educational mission of the graduate program and the College.

>MFA, or terminal degree in the relevant field(s), or equivalent professional experience.
>Distinguished professional career in illustration or related practice.
>An awareness of illustration markets, studio practices, industry and that of related fields.
>An understanding of professional development relevant to the practice of illustration, including copyright issues.
>Familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Preferred requirements
Minimum 3 years teaching experience above the Teaching Assistant level. An interest in curriculum on the history of illustration.

Additional Information 
Salary Commensurate with experience and college policy; excellent benefits package.

Apply The College will review applications as received. Although materials received before January 20, 2015 are best assured of receiving full consideration, the position will remain open until filled. All inquiries, nominations and applications will be held in the strictest confidence.

Application Instructions - Visit
Candidates will be asked to login or create a login and then should follow application instructions. Instructions are also posted in SlideRoom. In addition to the materials below, the application requires the name and contact information for three references. .
For preferred consideration, upload application materials to the MICA SlideRoom portal no later than January 20, 2015.

Submit online 3 multi-page PDF documents.
>The first multi-page PDF document should include letter of application, comprehensive CV, statement of teaching philosophy, and two sample syllabi.
>The second multi-page PDF document should include 15 examples of recent work.
>The third multi-page PDF document should include 10 examples of student work, assigned and independent projects, with short descriptions of the work shown [project name, level, audience].
>Please format PDF documents for screen resolution and viewing. No physical media are requested nor will be returned.

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About the Illustration Practice, MFA Program: The MFA in Illustration Practice prepares artists to elevate their artistic and business abilities, blend media within new cultural contexts, and integrate research and critical analysis into their work. Students find new directions for the practice in the 21st century, actively initiate projects, and revisit their creative process while awakening their abilities to chart their own course as entrepreneurs.

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MICA provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities on a case-by-case basis. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please contact Human Resources at 410-225-2363.