Wednesday, April 2, 2014

UK Comic Comp Winner Announced

I was invited by Instaprint in the UK to be on a panel to select the final winner of their comic design competition. There were three finalists and our job was to select the ultimate winner.

While all had their share of strengths and weaknesses I felt that one stood above the others. Using the competitions criteria I weighted each on a scale from one to five: Illustration (3.5), Character Design (3.5), Script Quality (4.0), Personality (4.0), Shareability (5.0), Humor (4.0) and Kelly Angel's comic, Ambition was the winner.

Ambition’s quality comes through with the script quality, the personality—you can feel the person and empathize with them, has great share ability—its a universal story and the wry humor sets it apart. It is also one that I could see running in all major global newspapers as an ongoing column where the others were one-shot approaches.

Kelly Angel studied design at Darwen Vale High School in Lancashire and is now a designer who continues to enjoy making comics and illustrations. She is currently working at a sign language company in Blackburn, Lancashire. Her job includes designing and making learning software for children.

Kelly’s premise: “It’s pretty scary trying to figure out what you want to do with your life once you leave school, and again when you leave college and then once more after university…eating snacks while you play video games all day surrounded by animals seems like a good idea. That’s what I’m aiming towards, but no one is willing to pay me to do it at the moment!”