Friday, March 7, 2014

The Importance of Shows: André Carrilho

We’ve asked several illustrators to comment on why they enter shows and in particular why they enter our 3x3 Shows. We’ll be sharing their comments over the next several weeks as we lead up to our show deadline.

“There are only a couple of shows I like to participate every year. I’m a little weary of competitions, ever since I was part of the jury of some of them and realized that sometimes the works that wins are not the ones you like the most.”

“Now I like to say that winning an award or being selected is due to chance, with the intervention of human error. But there are advantages to participating in the few ones that I think are driven by a true love of the art form.” 

“First, because I get to see the work of so many other artists that would be difficult to find on my own.” 

“And second because it manages to keep you on your guard, making you reflect on what you do and how you are becoming too accustomed to a specific way of doing things, or makes you think of ways of evolving while still being yourself.” 

“It’s true that you can find other’s work online if you spend some time researching, but it’s good to have people that do some of the sifting, an editor’s job.” 

“Shows like the 3x3 Pro Show are for me an opportunity to question myself, look at what I do through others eyes, and probably be a little better.” 


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