Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Importance of Shows: Aad Goudappel

We’ve asked several illustrators to comment on why they enter shows and in particular why they enter our 3x3 Shows. We’ll be sharing their comments over the next several weeks as we lead up to our show deadline.

“Lately there is some discussion amongst illustrators whether illustration competitions are still relevant in the digital age. Not surprising as there are more channels to get you’re work in front of people nowadays then ever before. But perhaps that makes the competitions even more relevant. Amidst all the information coming our way I think it’s good to have a few curated/juried platform to which you could turn to find really good work. To me those stages are American Illustration, Communication Arts, the Society of Illustrators and 3x3.”

“What I especially like about the 3x3 ProShow is the mixture of ‘arrived’ names and ‘undiscovered’ talents. For me personally entering the 3x3 ProShow a couple of years ago was an important point in my carreer. Not only did it give me more confidence about what I was doing it also got my work noticed by art-directors.”

“I’m not saying this works for everybody and that there are no other efficient ways to get your work out there. But since I hardly do any self-promotion other then entering these competition I can assure they are still relevant when comes to further a career.”

To see more of Aad’s work check out 3x3 Issue 22 available in print and digital formats.