Tuesday, November 19, 2013

3x3 Illustration Directory Going to Press

We’re putting the finishing touches on the 2014 3x3 Illustration Directory. Chock full of wonderful illustrations in thirteen separate categories from illustrators all over the world. Sent exclusively to art buyers and art directors in the United States, this complimentary Directory is gaining in popularity. Art directors like it for the curated artwork, the portable size and the simple one-image-per-page design. Art buyers like the selection and variety of illustrators, the categories and the new app. If you’re a working art director you may sign up to receive your free copy coming out at the first of the year.

Illustrators like it for many of the same reasons and appreciate the affordability. Artists for the Directory are selected from entrants in our three shows; we also do special invites to new artists we’ve seen in print or online.

Each year we select an image from the Directory to feature on the cover, this year it’s an image from Belgian illustrator, Klaas Verplancke.


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