Saturday, June 22, 2013

3x3 Student Show No 10 Winners Announced

More schools. More entries. More countries. Our international student show continues to grow each year. This year entries came in from eighteen countries and ninety-three colleges, universities and art schools. It’s exciting to see work from all over the world and I’m sure this won't be the last time we see these artists.

Our judges were extremely tough this year, while many wonderful entries came just shy of getting into the show, for the first time we have no Best of Show winner and fewer medals. The judges were looking for work that was truly unique and timely—work that you’d expect from the next generation of illustrators. There was no quota given so it was up to the judges to determine how many pieces would get into the show. All judging was done digitally so there were no undue influences and judges were not allowed to vote for their student’s work.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Monica Garwood, California College of the Arts
Lisa Perrin, Maryland Institute College of Art

Boyoun Kim, School of Visual Arts

Ping Hua Chou*, Academy of Art University

Distinguished Merit
Kari Brooks, Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta
Ping Hua Chou, Academy of Art University
Tal Granot, Bezalel Academy for Art and Design
Niv Tishbi, Universität der Künste Berlin
Ulrike Zöllner, University of Art Berlin

Liisa Aaltio, OCAD University
Emma Ahlqvist, Edinburgh College of Art
Justinas Alisauskas, Ballyfermot College of Further Education
Matthew Burrows*, School of Visual Arts
Reina Castellanos*, Savannah College of Art and Design
Jun Cen, Maryland Institute College of Art
Ziyue Chen, Ringling College of Art and Design
Nomi Chi, Emily Carr University of Art and Design
Ryan Cho*, Art Center College of Design
Boyeon Choi, School of Visual Arts
Ping Hua Chou*, Academy of Art University
Hye Jin Chung, School of Visual Arts
Min Gyo Chung*, OCAD University
Katie Davis, Parsons the New School for Design
Kristen Davis, Parsons the New School for Design
Deshi Deng, Ringling College of Art and Design
Trudi Esberger, Anglia Ruskin University
Jackie Ferrentino, Rhode Island School of Design
Linnea Gad, Parsons the New School for Design
Caleb Heisey, Tyler School of Art
Rebecca Hendin, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Lauren Hess, Rhode Island School of Design
Pablo Iglesias, Sheridan College
Masuko Jo, Parsons the New School for Design
Keren Katz, School of Visual Arts
Nuri Keli, Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta
Boyoun Kim*, School of Visual Arts
Lori Klopp, Syracuse University
Chi Kuan Christina Kong, OCAD University
Jay Lang, OCAD University
Tina Le, Emily Carr University of Art and Design
Leftstudio, Savannah College of Art and Design
Coney Leung, Art Center College of Design
Rachel Levit, Parsons the New School for Design
Rujun Liu, Rhode Island School of Design
Jeff Lowry, The University of Arizona
Ashley Mackenzie, OCAD University
Evan Mazellan, Indiana Wesleyan University
Meredith Miotke, College for Creative Studies
Armineh Moghadasi, Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta
Nick Nazzaro, The Art Institute of Boston
Hugh O'Connor, Dublin Institute of Technology
Suharu Ogawa, OCAD University
Monica Ramos, Parsons the New School for Design
Ramona Ring, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences 
Jonny Ruzzo, School of Visual Arts
Cun Shi, School of Visual Arts
Meghann Stephenson, Parsons the New School for Design
Janet Sung, Parsons the New School for Design
Ayumi Takahashi*, Art Center College of Design
Cyndi Waldron, Utah Valley University
Liz Wikstrom, Rhode Island School of Design
Ji Hyun Yu*, University of Applied Sciences Mainz
Ai Zhang, Savannah College of Art & Design

* Denotes more than one entry

Cover illustration for the digital Student Show Annual by Lisa Perrin, MICA


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