Saturday, December 8, 2012

3x3 Names David Sandlin
Educator/Illustrator for 2012

Education has always been important to David Sandlin. Growing up Belfast, Northern Ireland he drove himself to be the best student in primary school so he could win free tickets to the natural history museum. He had calculus and French under his belt before he was fifteen. And graduated high school in America with honors when he was sixteen.

His early introduction to art was thanks to his mother’s interest in horror comics and like any little kid he’d start copying them along with images from his illustrated children’s Bible.

He once seriously considered a major in math before being lead to the art path by one of his 
college art teachers.

All these experiences helped form both his current artistic sensibilities and his desire to help students find the part of the visual world that engages them most completely.

Sandlin has been teaching at the School of Visual Arts since 1982 and also began working in the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay program in 1999.

Sandlin’s art first appeared in New York on the streets of the Lower East Side, in the form of hand-screened political posters and prints advertising local art and music events. His comics have appeared in RAW, Strappazin, Blab, Nozone, Zero Zero and other publications. He has also published illustrations in The New Yorker and The New York Times and recently completed an advertising campaign for SVA. Sandlin has exhibited his prints, paintings, books and installations throughout the United States and in Europe, Japan, and Australia.

We are pleased to name David Sandlin our 3x3 Illustrator:Educator of the Year, 2012.

Our complete interview with David will appear in our next issue, Issue 20 as will as the 3x3 Illustration Annual No. 9.

Painting by David Sandlin


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