Thursday, November 15, 2012

Society Announces 3x3 Winners

 We just heard from the Society of Illustrators that two of our entries will be in Illustrators 55: The cover image by Michael Slack for Issue 18 and the opening image for Phil Wrigglesworth’s article in Issue 19. Congratulations Michael and Phil!

Michael’s cover image incorporated the issue number eighteen within the art and was the last cover we did with that direction. Beginning with Issue 9 we commissioned covers incorporating the issue number by one of our featured illustrators in each issue. And quite a number of these covers have been recognized by the Society or other leading illustration and design competitions. Starting with Issue 19 we are now asking each of our featured illustrators to incorporate their feature number as a part of their opening spread. This allows us to showcase all three featured artists with original images specifically done for their article. And the number doesn’t have to be all that obvious—Phil’s number was 55 so if you count them there are 55 dogs acting up within his “Doggie Dystopia”!


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