Sunday, November 18, 2012

3x3 in Print Regional Design Annual

We are again humbled by being included in the New York section of the Print Regional Design Annual. While it’s tough to get into any regional section the competition in New York is especially fierce so it’s doubly good to be featured with so many key design studios and agencies from New York. And...we lead off the section, what better place to put illustration!

Our hope by entering shows like this is to expose more art directors and designers to the incredible talent that is out there. We look at it as advertising not only our magazine but also affording judges to see some of the best illustrators around. By seeing entries such as Shout’s cover for 3x3 they will inevitably gain more respect for what illustrators can bring to the party. And hopefully they can see how much fun it is working with illustrators.

Congratulations to Alessandro for his cover and to all the illustrators who continue to support our efforts.


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