Thursday, June 7, 2012

3x3 ProShow Winners Announced

Congratulations to all our winners in this year’s 3x3 ProShow! In reviewing the voting it looks like this was one of the toughest shows yet. Entries were up but there were fewer medals this year. Judges were particularly tough on the editorial and self-promotion categories with less than 10% of the entries making it into the show and head-over-heels for the book category, 20% of the entries made the cut—does this say something about the business environment we’re living in today? Maintaining the status-quo is normal in a bad economy, art directors are looking for something more “safe” and unwittingly willing to take risks. Getting into the show was tougher than other years and there were many fine pieces entered that didn’t get the nod from our judges, in fact a total of sixty-five pieces were just one vote shy of getting into the show.

To get into the show entrants need to receive a majority of our eight judges’ votes. That means that five judges will have voted for an individual entry just to get into the show. To be considered for a medal, seven of the eight judges must vote for the entry. Medals are determined by the number of judges who select a particular piece as their favorite, the more judges who select a piece as their favorite the higher the medal i.e. Best of Show, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Judges were not permitted to vote for their own work.

Our Best of Show winner received eight out of eight votes plus five out of the eight judges voted it as their favorite, congratulations to Gonçalo Viana (Portugal) for his winning entry in the advertising category. A close runner-up was the young Victo Ngai who also had eight out of eight votes with two judges voting her editorial piece their favorite, hers was the only gold medal this year. Silver medals went to Daniel Zender, Anna & Elena Balbusso (Italy), Thornbery & Forester, Judit Gerencz (UK) and Simone Massoni (Italy). Bronze medals went to Elizabeth Baddeley, Joe Ciardiello, Nigel Buchanan (Australia), Daniel Dociu, Emiliano Ponzi (Italy), Olaf Hajek (Germany) and Rod Hunt (UK). Distinguished merit awards went to Charlie Powell, Allessandro Gottardo (Italy), Jon Reinfurt, Olaf Hajek (Germany), Mark Smith (UK), Edward Kinsella and Steve Simpson (Ireland).

A complete list of all winners and categories are available on our site, under Shows. Winners will be displayed in our new annual format coming out later this summer.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all of you for entering our show this year.

Best of Show winning entry, Gonçalo Viana, Portugal


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