Tuesday, June 5, 2012

3x3 ProShow Results Coming

The judges have finished their voting, the results are being tabulated, an announcement is coming this week.

All judging is done independently and takes place over a two week period. Judges are provided the digital entries, instructions and a judging sheet divided by category and entry number. All judges must either vote each individual piece “In”or “Out” and once the judging is complete they are to indicate their particular favorite entries.

Each judge then returns their judging sheets to 3x3 and we then go through each voting sheet and record the “In” votes for each entry and category on our master sheet. This process takes a week to complete.

To get into the show entrants need to receive a majority of our eight judge’s votes. That means that five judges will have voted for an individual entry. Medals are determined by the number of judges who select a particular piece as their favorite, the more judges who select a piece as their favorite the higher the medal i.e. Best of Show, Gold, Silver and Bronze. In most if not all cases, the Best of Show receives an “In” vote from all judges.

Once the winners have been determined we gather the winning entries, create thumbnail pdfs of the winners, gather the credits information we have and send out an announcement to each winner. We then prepare the winners list which is then sent out to all entrants and posted on our web site and blog.

We appreciate the time each judge has taken to complete our judging process their opinions are what continues to make the 3x3 ProShow one of the toughest shows to get into exhibiting some of the best work being done by illustrators worldwide.


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