Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amazing Marshall Arisman DVD from
American Artist Magazine

One of the perks of being a publisher is we get books and DVDs to review for our website and publications. One such DVD came in the mail from Marshall Arisman.

Produced by American Artist, we get a first hand look at not only Marshall’s studio but get to see him in action. As the DVD touts: No brush required—we get to see how Marshall uses different tools, traditional art supplies, or items from the local drugstore or stationery or hardware store to create powerful imagery. It could be a plastic comb he cuts into different lengths to give him a readily available cross-hatching tool. Or it could be a small printmaker’s roller that he uses not just as a roller but the edge to create a thin/thick line. Or pencil erasers to bring out a highlight. Or faux woodgrain stencils to create shadows.

We get to see him working with papier mâché, ink, pastel and oils. And unlike many instructors he doesn’t hold back, he shares everything. We learn the backstory about his imagery and how important content is over the act of painting and how he can tell if he’s transferred his energy into the finished drawing, sculpture or painting. He makes learning interesting and entertaining and you feel you’re right there in the studio alongside him. What a great experience!

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