Thursday, February 16, 2012

News: 3x3 Ad Campaign

In an effort to attract new subscribers, 3x3 is enlisting the help of some of its current subscribers. The initial testimonial campaign includes Aaron Meshon, Istvan Banyai and Taylor Callery. Each artist was asked to answer the question, “Why I subscribe to 3x3 Magazine”; text and artwork were supplied by the artist with design and production done in-house at HivelyDesigns, Brooklyn.

Founder and design director of 3x3 Magazine Charles Hively says of the campaign, “I’m always surprised by who does and doesn’t subscribe to 3x3. We’ve never made a big deal about that, but our hope is that these testimonials will attract new subscribers. Each of these artists are recognized within the industry. Some have been illustrators for a long time, others are just starting to make a name for themselves, this accurately reflects our subscriber-base along with art directors, designers, educators and students.”

Hively notes that the campaign’s next series will introduce art directors, designers and educators touting the magazine. He concludes, “I’m grateful to these artists for supporting our efforts not only with their subscriptions but also their unbiased regard for our publication.”

The ad series is scheduled to run in several publications and online.