Monday, October 3, 2011

Illustrator Income Book Now Available

We are pleased to release the first annual Illustrator Income Survey; this 88-page book details the incomes of 616 illustrators from all over the world. Easy-to-read charts and graphs detail income information by country, age and gender.

You’ll discover what the top illustrators are making and where they live, how many illustrators gain the majority of their income from illustration, what percentage are also educators, graphic designers, animators. And how many have interns or employees, how many have health insurance and what their relationship with reps is. We’ll also give you the high and low income for each country as well as the average income for illustrators in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. And you’ll find there are quite a few surprises.

If you’d like to learn more about illustrator income you can order our print-on-demand book available from Blurb, $30 or a downloadable pdf available from 3x3, $5.

Thank you to all those who provided their information for our first income survey. If you’d like to particpate in our next survey please contact us at with the subject line, Survey. Those who participate in our survey will receive a free copy of the results.

2010 Illustrator Income Survey, Compiled by 3x3 Magazine
ISBN13: 978-0-9829405-6-4
Softbound, 88-pages
7x7-inches (17.78x17.78cm)
Published by Artisanal Media LLC


  1. $6 dollars in "shipping" for a $5 downloadable PDF?

  2. It's $16 to download it to the UK. That's not right is it?

  3. Hello Folks,

    is it prossible to see an extract of the book. Don't like to buy unseen things.

  4. I tried to buy the PDF version, after check out appeared 'Form Processing Error'
    The following errors occurred while processing your request:
    It is not possible to order from the store at this time

    Any idea?

  5. Dan

    I downloaded from 3x3 price which is £3.22

    Don't know if you get it from blurb it's dearer

    Timo 15 page preview at blurb site

    seems quite US centric, I'll let you know once I see it

  6. There is no shipping charge for the pdf, and yes you can see the first few pages on the Blurb site as well as the 3x3 site, just click on the image. And yes a third of the info is coming from the US. If you have problems ordering or downloading contact

  7. I’m pretty sure that I must be the ’1′ illustrator that they refer to living in Cheddar, UK :)

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