Saturday, August 20, 2011

3x3 Student Show No 8 Winners Announced

The judge’s votes are in and tabulated and the winners are being announced below. And as it’s always been it’s a tough show with tough judges. Just to get in the show entrants must receive a majority of votes from our six judges. To receive a medal an entry must receive at least five judge’s votes and to receive the top awards it must receive all six judge’s votes.

What’s unique about the 3x3 Student Show is that it is truly international. Work was entered from over 16 countries and over seventy-five universities, colleges and art schools whereas most shows stay within their countries borders, we expand past our own.

Congratulations to our Best of Show winner, JooHee Yoon, Rhode Island School of Design who won the unanimous votes of our judges and will receive our $1,000 cash prize. And our Gold medal winner with two gold medals, Sean Lewis, Ontario College of Art and Design, Canada receives a $500-cash value prize. See the complete list of winners.

This year’s judges included Andrew Foster, Illustration Subject Leader, Central St Martins, United Kingdom; Frazer Hudson, Senior Illustration Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom; Steven Guarnaccia, Illustration Chair, Parsons The New School of Design; Allan Drummond, Illustration Chair, Savannah College of Art & Design; Chris Buzelli, Instructor, Rhode Island School of Design and Lars Henkel, Instructor, Folwang University of the Arts, Germany.


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