Saturday, August 20, 2011

3x3 Children's Show No 8 Winners Announced

Our final show of the season is complete, the judges have made their selection and we’re ready to announce the winners. This was our largest children’s show ever and there were many excellent pieces entered and as a result we’re awarding the most medals ever. 

Congratulations to our Best of Show winner Gary Taxali, Canada, for his children’s book, This is Silly and to our gold medalists, Nancy Chiu, USA; Sandrine Mercier and Sara Gillingham, Canada and Constanze Von Kitzing, Germany. Click here for a complete list of medal and merit winners

Our international panel of judges for this year’s 3x3 Children’s Show include Paolo Canton, Publisher, Tipipittori, Italy; Cynthia Matthews, Creative Director, Mudpuppy; Yvonne Silver, Art Buyer, Scholastic; Christine Kettner, Art Director, Clarion and Harcourt Children's Books and illustrators Camilla Engman, Sweden and André da Loba, Portugal—presently residing in the US.

Winners will be featured in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No 8 due out in December. In addition there are plans to offer a separate book of our children’s show winners which will allow a larger format to showcase the work, stay tuned.


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