Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3x3 Directory 2011 Arrives

We just got word that our new 3x3 Illustration Directory has arrived from Shanghai and will be at our distributor  ready for mailing next week. There are a lot of marketing opportunities out there, how is the 3x3 Illustration Directory different?

First, it only features the artists that I personally select either from the 3x3 ProShow entries or from those who have been featured in our magazine making it much more like a curated show than most similar advertising vehicles. My belief is that our audience responds better to collections of really good work than from pure advertising. And the design is fresh and inviting, only one image per page.

Secondly, we make it easier for art directors to find illustrators. We divide the Directory into specific categories: conceptual, whimsical, decorative, fashion, figurative, children's, animal, landscape, medical and lettering and maps. As a former advertising agency art director and creative director I know the value of getting something like this.

Lastly, we will be limiting our distribution to a core of 6,000 art directors and art buyers in the New York City tri-state area plus key markets outside of New York. We've hand-selected our audience based on their interest in illustration. Our list includes those individuals in advertising, editorial, publishing, corporate and entertainment industries. The Directory will be given away free to our audience and also includes an on-line element with direct links to the illustrator's site.

The Directory is a soft-bound book, 6x9-inches and has the look and feel of our 3x3 ProShow annuals. The size allows art directors to browse through it over their lunch hour or take it home with them on the subway or train. We've received many compliments on the size of our annual so it made sense to follow that direction with the Directory. And our website has direct links to each artist's site. This year's Directory is 400 pages and features 270 illustrators from all over the globe.

You must be an art director, art buyer, creative director, graphic designer or editor to receive a complimentary copy, go to and request to be added to our list—just click the request a copy link. We will have a limit number of copies available. Our new group will be uploaded shortly but you can take a look at last year's now.

Cover illustration by Serge Seidlitz


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