Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top Art Blog of the Year Award

We got word from Jessica Wood, Publisher, Arts Media Contacts in the UK that our blog—yes the one you're reading now—was awarded one of the best art blogs of 2010. As Jessica says, "Number one in our judging criteria is that the blogger must have something to contribute to the debate on art. Secondly that they have carried out genuine and independent research on their subject. First-rate writing is not enough either, a good blog needs regular postings and an interactive community or readership too. We all love great design here at Arts Media Contacts, and good-looking blogs with interesting graphics and images score well in this pageant."

The 3x3 Blog was the only illustration blog receiving notice. To check out the other winners go to here.

Thank you Jessica. A very nice way to start off 2011.


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