Friday, September 10, 2010

A Trio of Print Regional Design Awards

We just got word from Judy Grover, Print magazine's Managing Editor that Issue 11, 12 and 13 are winners in this year's Print Regional Design Annual. This makes 3x3 a back-to-back winner, last year we were recognized for our Issue 9 cover, this year our entire issues received the honor. This is a special treat for me since it reinforces my belief that we are putting out a product that gets noticed. The more we can get in front of art directors with quality illustration the better our chances are that illustrators will gain more attention and respect.

Our philosophy about shows is to enter every one simply because we are getting a chance to be in front of creative directors, art directors, art buyers and editors—our message has a built-in audience in shows. While we may not win every time, we are at the very least exposing these judges to what we want them to see, and hopefully get excited about. And when we win we are exposed to an even larger audience. There's never a bad reason to enter shows though every year it becomes more costly.

Congratulations to all our featured illustrators, advertisers, writers and photographers for making us look so good. And thank you to Sarah and Jessica who help me get each and every issue out the door.


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