Friday, July 2, 2010

A Visit from Falmouth

A group of over twenty young adults from Falmouth University in the UK stopped by the studio on one of the hottest days in June. With that many packed-in bodies not even the AC turned down to 64-degrees could cool the room down. Their original visit was scheduled just as the volcano erupted in Iceland so the trip was postponed--their original date would have been much cooler!

After a not-so-brief introduction to 3x3 and some thoughts about the current state of illustration we got to the all-important portfolio critiques. As a group there were some excellent books and some very good books and only a couple of books that just weren't there yet.

There were a number of the same projects in the portfolios but it was interesting how each illustrator approached the problem. There were only a small handful of New Yorker covers which are so difficult to show here in New York, book covers, posters, children's books, sequential, advertising and of course editorial. Most of the work was shown in context which is always nice to see. And the work was presented very nicely.

Falmouth has an excellent reputation as an art school and I'm sorry we didn't get to visit in November--they're six hours west of London.

We always enjoy the student visits, it's great to see what the next generation of illustrators is up to.


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