Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To Err

It seems in my haste to get the winner's notice out to our entrants I made a couple of clerical errors and caught the ire of two illustrators. My sincere apologies.
This year's show was more automated, all judging is done by numbers and not names, when tallied the winners are pulled by number which then identifies the image that won and the artist's name, this then results in a spreadsheet which is then converted to a word document which is then used for our web site—which was the link for our email announcement. That same list is used to send the winner's their announcement which includes a pdf of their winning entry.
With the multitude of projects in-house at the moment I personally took over the task of gathering and uploading the information. And to expedite the process I used last year's web page as the template. By accident John Hendrix's name was left on the list of Gold medal winners instead of being removed—John was a gold medal winner in ProShow No. 6. I can't use that excuse for Hiromichi Ito, in inserting his name in the web document I put him in the Gold Medal category and not in the correct list of Silver medalists; Hiromichi and Andrea Innocent both received a Silver in the Gallery category. The updated, corrected and proofed list has been uploaded to our site.
This will be the last time I rush the announcement and in the future the entrant-wide announcement will go out after the winner's have all been notified. Lesson learned.


  1. It's a lot of work. We appreciate it, even if some stuff slips through the cracks.

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