Friday, May 21, 2010

Edel Rodriguez Honored by AIGA

Edel Rodriguez was honored on Thursday evening at the AIGA Gallery in Manhattan as a part of their new Design Journeys promotion. As AIGA's editorial director Sue Apfelbaum told me, "The focus of Design Journeys is not on any specific design practice, but rather on the paths that designers from diverse backgrounds have taken in establishing their careers.The purpose is both to recognize what they've accomplished and to serve as inspiration." I was honored to have been invited by Sue to interview Edel, take a look at the full interview and the list of other notable honorees on the AIGA web site.

I've always been curious why illustration and design are not more diverse—the number of Hispanic and African American illustrators is a mere handful. My hope is that Edel's article will be proof-positive that you can overcome any obstacle to make it if you have the desire and talent.