Sunday, May 23, 2010

3x3 ProShow Winners Announced

As promised we're pleased to announce the winners of this year's ProShow. It's our largest show ever. Not only were there more entries, there were more winners and more medalists.
You'll notice some very familiar names among our winners but also quite a few new faces made this year's cut. And I have to say in looking over the show there were very few weak pieces among the non-winners—the work was at it's highest level ever.
Getting a medal in our show is never easy but the quality of this year's entries resulted in far more winners being selected by our judges. Just to get in the show you must receive a majority of votes from our nine judges. To receive a medal you must receive at least eight judge's votes and to receive the top awards you must receive all nine judge's votes.
And even with the bad news in publishing we had the highest number of entries and winners in the editorial category. I had expected to see unpublished category outnumber editorial and was disappointed that we didn't see more self-promotion—this is the time to be promoting illustration. Our animation category netted the top winner in this year's show which was a first and our advertising, book and sequential categories all had top winners. And only half the winners were from the US making 3x3 a truly international show.
James Yang will receive our $1,500 cash prize as our Best of Show winner. $750 cash-value prizes will go to Gold Medal winners João Fazenda, Alessandro Gottardo, John Hendrix, Hiromichi Ito, Don Kilpatrick III, Andres Vera Martinez, John Solimine, Katja Spitzer, Jacob Thomas, Mark Todd and Stephanie Wunderlich.
Winners will be contacted this week requesting credits for their winning entries.
Congratulations to all.

Best of Show
James Yang, Animation

Alessandro Gottardo, Advertising
Don Kilpatrick III, Advertising
John Solimine, Advertising
Katja Spitzer, Books
Stephanie Wunderlich, Books
John Hendrix, Sequential
João Fazenda, Editorial
Hiromichi Ito, Editorial
Jacob Thomas, Editorial
Mark Todd, Editorial
Andres Vera Martinez, Sequential

A. Richard Allen, Books
Alessandro Gottardo, Books
Yuko Shimizu, Books
Marc Burckhardt, Editorial
Otto Steininger, Editorial
Till Hafenbrak, Self-Promotion
Bill Mayer, Sequential

Shaw Nielsen, Advertising
John Hendrix, Books
André da Loba, Books
Emiliano Ponzi, Editorial
Mathieu Lavoie, Gallery
Lars Henkel, Institutional
Jody Hewgill, Institutional
Penelope Dullagan, Institutional

Distinguished Merit
John Parra, Advertising
David Braddock, Advertising
Paul Blow, Advertising
David Humphries, Advertising
Joe Ciardiello, Editorial
Martin Haake, Editorial
Guy Billout, Editorial
Nate Williams, Institutional
Tracy Sabin, Self-Promotion
Greg Clarke, Self-Promotion
Max Estes, Sequential
Andrew Bannecker, Unpublished


A. Richard Allen
Christiane Beauregard
Orit Bergman
Paul Blow
Wayne Brezinka
Steve Brodner
Chris Buzelli
Marcos Chin*
Timothy Cook*
Cristiana Couceiro
Hugh D’Andrade
Gilbert Ford
David Fullarton
Michael Glenwood
Rachel Harris
Jody Hewgill
Frazer Hudson
Hiromichi Ito
Blair Kelly
Karen Klassen*
Mathieu Lavoie
Laura Levine
Bruno Mallart
Robert Meganck
Hsinping Pan
Evan Polenghi
Edel Rodriguez
Guido Scarabottolo
Andrew Selby
Steve Simpson
John Solimine
Amanda Upton
Andrew R. Wright

Thornberg & Forester
Mark Lomond
Kotryna Zukauskaite

Monika Aichele
Anna & Elena Balbusso
Carin Berger
Daniel Bueno
Robert Carter
Gérard DuBois
Christoph Feist
Jeffrey Fisher
David Fullarton
Dean H. Gorissen
Olaf Hajek
Daniel Haskett
John Hendrix
Lars Henkel
Hiromichi Ito
Jorge Martin
Bill Mayer
Aaron Meshon
Ken Orvidas
Lauren Panepinto
Melanie Marder Parks
Edel Rodriguez*
Guido Scarabottolo*
Yuko Shimizu
Lena Sjöberg
Alenka Sottler
Steven Tabbutt
Mark Ulriksen
Marco Ventura
James Yang

Steve Adams
Monika Aichele
Leeay Rie Aikawa
A. Richard Allen*
Sergio Aquindo
Peter Arkle
Guy Billout*
Chi Birmingham
Paul Blow
Jens Bonnke*
Juliette Borda
Steve Brodner*
Barry Bruner
Nigel Buchanan
Chris Buzelli*
Marcos Chin*
Lynn Connelly
Gemma Correll
Gérard DuBois*
Penelope Dullaghan
Jean-Manuel Duvivier
Kelly Dyson
Alexandra Falagara
João Fazenda*
Anthony Freda
Shraz Fuman
Justin Gabbard*
David Gothard*
Aad Goudappel*
Eddie Guy*
Martin Haake*
Asaf Hanuka
Ryan Haywood
Daniel Hertzberg
Jody Hewgill
Jakob Hinrichs*
Brad Holland*
Robert Hunter*
Joon Mo Kang
Roman Klonek
Jon Krause
Gracia Lam*
Jesse Lefkowitz
Frank Lin
Jorge Mascarenhas
Bill Mayer
Josh McKible
Robert Meganck
James O’Brien
Tim O’Brien
Yuta Onoda
Ken Orvidas*
Gianpaolo Pagni
Hsinping Pan
Emiliano Ponzi*
Daniel Pudles
Lizzie Roberts
Edel Rodriguez*
Jason Seiler
Yuko Shimizu
Lasse Skarbovik*
Brian Stauffer*
Otto Steininger *
Daniel Stolle
Mario Sughi
Mark Taplin
Gary Taxali
Jacob Thomas*
Michelle Thompson
Mark Todd*
Tim Tomkinson
Yury Ustsinau
Riccardo Vecchio
Alexei Vella
Marco Ventura
Steve Wacksman
Henning Wagenbreth
Marco Wagner
Carl Wiens*
Mick Wiggins
Andrew R. Wright
James Yang*
Brad Yeo

Editorial Spots
Cristiana Couceiro
André da Loba
Beppe Giacobbe*
Dean H. Gorissen
Joon Mo Kang
Dongyun Lee
Alex Nabaum
Peter Ryan

Noumeda Carbone
Ayalah Hutchins
Kagan McLeod

Monika Aichele
Scott Bakal*
Sophie Blackall
Marc Burckhardt
Marianne Chevalier
Owen Davey
Adam S. Doyle
Barry Fitzgerald
Douglas Fraser
Sarajo Frieden*
Victor Gadino
Tom Garrett
Michael Glenwood
William Grigsby
Olaf Hajek*
Peter Hamlin
Andrea Innocent
Aya Kakeda
Roman Klonek*
Anita Kunz
David Labrozzi
Christopher Nielsen*
Tim O’Brien
Ian Phillips
Edel Rodriguez
Tanja Szekessy*
Steven Tabbutt
Mark Todd
Steve Wacksman
Marco Wagner
Carl Wiens
Jaime Zollars

Studio Tipi
Monika Aichele*
Guy Billout
Chris Buzelli
Elizabeth Cassetti
Joe Ciardiello
João Fazenda
Craig Frazier
John Hendrix
Michael Klein
Takashi Koshii
Anita Kunz
André Letria
Bill Mayer
Melissa McGill
Luc Melanson
Edel Rodriguez
Michael Schwab
Chris Sickels
Tim Tomkinson
Nate Williams

Erin Daniel MD*
Audra Geras
Carl Pelletier
Mary Kate P Wright

Ana Albero
Davor Bakara
Guy Billout
Richard Borge
David Brinley
Pascal Campion
Noumeda Carbone
Sophie Casson
Greg Clarke
Cristiana Couceiro
Amy DeVoogd
Harry Diaz
Ivonne Dippmann
John S Dykes
Max Estes
Susan Farrington
Michael Glenwood
Paul Hoppe
Hideki Kessoku
Pat Kinsella
Thomas Kuhlenbeck
Mathieu Lavoie
Cecilia Levy
Mike Lowery
Chris Lyons*
Tyson Mangelsdorf
Jonathan McHugh
Mari Mitsumi
Michael Mullan
Kate Nielsen
Ken Orvidas
Ian Phillips*
Zara Picken
Jon Reinfurt
Kim Rosen
Peter Ryan
Morgan Schweitzer
Jason Seiler
Chris Sickels*
Lasse Skarbovik
Steven Streisguth
Keren Taggar
Ai Tatebayashi
Paul Thurlby
Alice Wellinger
Mick Wiggins
Stephanie Wunderlich
Yuji Yamada
Heidi Younger

André da Loba
Gwenaelle Gobe
Paul Hoppe*
Erik T Johnson
Brendan Leach
Laurie J Proud*
Caroline Thomson

Ryan Friant*
Sophie Catherine Naylor
Ann Smith
Joel Zuercher

Eleftheria Alexandri
Wesley Allsbrook
Bjoern Arthurs
Andrew Bannecker
Karen Barbour*
Freddy Boo
Steven Carroll
Elizabeth Cassetti
Joe Ciardiello
Lyman Dally
Owen Davey
Stefan Defago
Peter Diamond
John S Dykes
Beppe Giacobbe
Hiromichi Ito*
Hirofumi Kamigaki
Michael Klein
Vitali Konstantinov
André Letria
Frank Lin*
Cat MacInnes
Monika Maniecki*
Jorge Mascarenhas*
Bill Mayer
Luc Melanson*
Aaron Meshon
Shawn Murenbeeld*
James O’Brien*
Adam Osgood
Valeria Petrone*
Zara Picken
Guido Pigni
Laurie J Proud
Jared Purrington
Hannah Radenkova
Justin (Tigre Medina) Renteria
Takayuki Ryujin
Chris Sickels
Lasse Skarbovik
Michael Sloan
Michelle Thompson
Steve Wacksman
Kaeleen Wescoat-O’Neill
Daniel Zitka

*multiple entries


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