Thursday, December 24, 2009

3x3 Illustration Annual No. 6

Well after a total reprint of this year's annual, they're off to the distribution points and post office. A pagination error on the printer's part forced a total reprint of the annual, originally scheduled to deliver before Thanksgiving we were forced into the reprint which of course delayed delivery. When there's one error there's usually another, and sure enough we find a typo on page 4 and had to reprint the first signature again--at our expense, so another week delay getting the job printed. This year's annual was printed by JS McCarthy, an eco-friendly printer located in Maine; we have used them before on a number of jobs here an at Graphis and have always been pleased with the results.

Our cover was done by Marco Wagner, not to be confused with Mario Wagner. Marco works in his home town Veitshöchheim in Bavaria. Clients include Bajazzo Verlag, Playboy Germany and Nintendo and has been a winner in numerous shows including Communication Arts, Illusive 2, Novum Magazin and 3x3.

Look for the annual on your newsstands next week and get your entries ready for next year. We have a wonderful panel of judges lined up for all our shows--we'll be sending out the Call for Entries in January. Just a note, we're moving the student show to late March, the ProShow will still be mid-March and Children's Books will be in April.


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