Saturday, November 7, 2009

London Get-Together

As many of you know we like to invite out of town artists for a meal at our studio so we figured why not try the same thing in London. Except we were only going to be there for such a short period we opted for a small get together over wine and cheese. And we kept our list to artists from the London area.

On the invitation list were those who had been in the magazine including A. Richard Allen, Andy Potts, Paul Wearing, Richard Wilkinson, Jo Holdaway, Sara Fanelli, Paul Blow, Russell Cobb, Nishant Choksi, Phil Wrigglesworth, Harriet Russell, Vanessa Dell, Chris Corr, Joao Fazenda, Sharon Tancredi and Chris Haughton and added Cantell Ronca who we'd just met when we were in Hatfield. Several couldn't make it due to personal obligations or last-minute deadlines but it was good to meet those who did come and put a face with an email address.

It's helpful to get a sense of the illustration community in the UK and how it's the same or different from the US. All seem to be unaffected by the recession, though things had slowed down early in the year now some are busier than ever.

The next time we're in London we hope that we can meet more illustrators in the community. Thanks to those who braved a soggy London evening to drop by.

Andy Potts, left and A. Richard Allen listening intently to Paul Wearing who is off-camera.