Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lecture Three: Sheffield Hallam University

Our first visit far outside London took us to the North Country. After a two hour trip we arrived in Sheffied, crossed the street and arrived at the university-one of the largest campuses in the UK.

Frazer Hudson met us in reception and took us on a short tour of the Arts and Design building before a quick lunch at the school's cafeteria and then onto the lecture hall. Frazer has been at Sheffield for two years, prior to that he had lectured and taught part-time at a number of schools in the UK. The building is fairly new--the previous location was well outside the city center--each specialty has its own floor with numerous classrooms and open spaces.

After a quick setup at the state-of-the-art lecture hall, the presentation, a Q&A period and then we gathered our books, magazines and suitcase and headed back to the train station for our journey south to Loughborough, the site of our next lecture.

It was a treat to finally meet Mick Marston who came down from Leeds for the lecture. Thanks to Frazer and Claire Lockwood for their warm hospitality.

Photo of Frazer Hudson by Sarah Munt


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