Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lunch with Mario Wagner

We had the pleasure of Mario Wagner and his girlfriend Holly Hambly's company on Friday for one of our studio lunches. The pair had just come in late the night before from San Francisco specifically to attend the "Cutters: An Exhibition of International Collage" at the Cinders Gallery in Williamsburg. If you haven't seen the show you should, over 40 artists contributing close to 150 works--the show's up through November 15. Mario is a part of the show and is a recognized collagist.

Holly and Mario met when he was here last year at a gallery opening in SF, Holly is a victim of the poor California economy and is headed back in school to study art history. Small world she worked at a vets where she met Vivienne Flesher, not realizing she was a famous illustrator.

Mario has been busy this year with work and busy working on getting his visa to move to the States, hoping to settle in either San Francisco or New York. He is presently based in Cologne and is a studio mate of Lars Henkel.

A charming 6'4" giant who with impeccable English--you'd never realize he's not from here--Mario is looking forward to his new life in America. He'll be a great addition to the market.


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