Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Assistant Professor of Illustration Opening:
Emily Carr University

Emily Carr University of Art and Design, a world renowned learning community dedicated to research and the education of artists and designers, invites applications for a full-time tenure track position of Assistant Professor in Illustration, starting August 2010.

Located in downtown Vancouver on the West Coast of Canada, the main campus is on Granville Island, an award-winning site of urban renewal. The student body is culturally diverse with approximately 1800 students from across Canada and the world. Emily Carr University offers programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees in Fine Arts, Media Arts and Design. Emily Carr University is actively searching for a full-time faculty member in the Faculty of Visual Art + Material Practice to teach in our new Illustration program. The successful candidate will have an exemplary art practice with a demonstrated interest in all aspects of current pictorial discourses that bridge contemporary art and design.

The successful candidate may teach students at all levels, from Foundation to Graduate Studies, and will be expected to make a major contribution in developing Illustration curriculum in a university that is committed to the interrelation of theory and practice. Faculty members are expected to contribute in shaping the future of the university through participation in planning, administration and committees and in being actively engaged in the Emily Carr community. Candidates should have a Master of Fine Arts or equivalent, a minimum of two years related post-secondary teaching experience, and an active art practice.

Letters of application should address the candidate's expertise in the areas of teaching, pedagogical philosophy, current research, professional work and community service. The applicant should include a current curriculum vitae and supporting material including a CD or DVD containing images of recent work (maximum 20) presented as a Powerpoint or PDF file with a printout of thumbnail images submitted, catalogues and reviews (to a maximum of 5 each) and CD (if appropriate). Please provide a check list of submitted material. Submissions should include the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of three persons who can be contacted for a reference.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply, however Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

Please send applications (quoting Competition #F009-2009) by November 18, 2009, to:

Human Resources Department
Emily Carr University of Art and Design
1399 Johnston St Vancouver BC V6H 3R9

Phone (604) 844-3824 Fax (604) 844-3885


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  34. Four Amazing Facts about Damavand Trekking Tours
    1) Highest Middle East Summit
    Not only Damavand is the first one of the highest mountains in Iran, but also it is the highest summit in the Middle East. It’s also the highest volcanic summit in Asia. It’s the 12th prominence summit in the world. Damavand is known as the ceiling of Iran in the list of 7 volcanic summits of the world.

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  46. Replies
    1. باد صبا-تاریخ امروز

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